Final Run Of Peaks!!!


FINAL RUN OF PEAKS COMING AUGUST 23RD 8:00 PM EST!!! There are Krisztian Kaluzsa Peaks,Adam Brewster Peak,And Elliot Jackson Peaks!!!


It’s sad they are going away. :frowning:

(Ellie) #3

They will be mine.


Seriously, how much money do you have?!?!

Buying all three of them is just… Insane.


There selling 64 i belive


Sorry that I don’t know but, how much are peaks?


about $120, but well worth the money

(_|@<06) #8

Getting one. booya.



I need cash now!!!



(_|@<06) #11



Tomorrow… but what’s all the hype about??? ???

And why do some companies stop producing yoyos? Especially such good, well selling ones?


Did anyone else pre order or reserve one?


I reserved the Kristian colorway ;D it looks sick!


Man, I got to get a PEAK! >:( I don’t know if I’ll have enough for one, but I am selling some games to Gamestop. Hoping I’ll be getting a lot from them, lol. :-\


I reserved an Elliot Jackson one.


I think that some of them end up stop running a yoyo when they want to either make a better version of it or because they have new products that make up for the lack of the other product

(JustisEvans) #18

got one who else i got blue one


Can’t they always do what YYF does and just keep churning them out?


I got the Adam Brewster.