Final Run Of Peaks!!!

FINAL RUN OF PEAKS COMING AUGUST 23RD 8:00 PM EST!!! There are Krisztian Kaluzsa Peaks,Adam Brewster Peak,And Elliot Jackson Peaks!!!

It’s sad they are going away. :frowning:

They will be mine.

Seriously, how much money do you have?!?!

Buying all three of them is just… Insane.

There selling 64 i belive

Sorry that I don’t know but, how much are peaks?

about $120, but well worth the money

Getting one. booya.


I need cash now!!!



Tomorrow… but what’s all the hype about??? ???

And why do some companies stop producing yoyos? Especially such good, well selling ones?

Did anyone else pre order or reserve one?

I reserved the Kristian colorway ;D it looks sick!

Man, I got to get a PEAK! >:( I don’t know if I’ll have enough for one, but I am selling some games to Gamestop. Hoping I’ll be getting a lot from them, lol. :-\

I reserved an Elliot Jackson one.

I think that some of them end up stop running a yoyo when they want to either make a better version of it or because they have new products that make up for the lack of the other product

got one who else i got blue one

Can’t they always do what YYF does and just keep churning them out?

I got the Adam Brewster.