Last Peaks are out!!!

Title says it all. Post your opinions. I am sad now :frowning: :’( I can’t get one.

:frowning: Thats a bummer. Did they play good?

I ma sad that they are not going to be produced any more. But thank goodness there is a BST.

Talk about going out with a bang, these are some of the most beautiful Peak colorways ever.

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Agreed. The Kriztian colorway is my personal favorite.

Agreed Ratface… that is why I had one reserved and just ordered.

Lets just say that they are probably gunna be working on something awesome, that will be just as good as the peaks?

Perfection can not be matched… Unless the new Yo Yo is based off of the peak. Then It can be.

Peaks are probably my all-time favorite CLYW, maybe even my all-time favorite yoyo. Such a shame its being discontinued. Wish I could pick one of these up, but I can’t afford it and already have two peaks.

I have never played one but i ordered one… do they play good?

They’re basically perfection.

Sorry i wont pay an inflated price just because its the last run…

other then reserving first one to buy

I bought the Krisztian Kaluzsa colorway cause it reminds me of Metal Gear Solid, it’s my first Peak and its coming to me express along with a Hand Candy I previously ordered but unsent do to a mix up. Its all just getting me more excited I can’t wait.

Both CLYW and General-Yo have now gotten rid of there most popular yoyos. I never owned a peak but I have used them and I really liked the feel. hopefully someday I will be able to pick one up on the BST.

If they didn’t play good why would I have two?

its only like 10 dollars more than the older price, you got to take in to acount that we all knew it would sell out fast regardless how high the price was, and it looks as though they may have tweaked the desighn a little, along with them being a signature series those of us who bought one should be thankfull CLYW didnt sell them at 150 cause if they did that it still woulda sold out. But hey you don’t wanna buy it thats your porogative.

They are perfection.
If I had any money right now, I would gladly drop $150+ on these Peaks

Would anyone else be interested in seeing a High Speed Review of the final run of peaks? I have noticed they only have one for the first run and I think it would be cool to see a comparison or something.

Actually that sounds awesome. I love High Speed’s reviews and a comparison to see the evolution of such a popular model would be excellent.