Sell some CLYW Peaks!


Please!!! I’m having trobble trying to find some! They’re discontinued at yoyonation, and only has one yoyo! And I can’t get into either! Please, you got to! :’(

(Thomas) #2

They are sadly discountined everywhere they don’t make them.


Look in the bst thats where i got mine. they are hard to find but you can find some pretty cool colorways that way


The very last run of peaks is coming to yoyoexpert soon. LAST CHANCE!


I know! :’( I dont have any $ but I could get my parants to buy me the peak. But I’m getting another yoyo on Monday, I think they’ll understand that clyw aren’t making any more of them. :slight_smile:


Good thing I bought 2 last run peaks :smiley:


i bought one :smiley:
nova, did you buy any?


If you havn’t bought any now, they are probably gone, and you will have to resort to the BST.


You definitely have a very CLYW themed avatar and signature…