Final Run Of Peaks!!!

I reserved a Kristian Kalusza one. Booya.

If i’m not mistaken chris only has a limited amount of time to put into making new yoyos

wouldn’t you get tired of just making the same old return top chris wants to move on to new things. don’t worry he is always going to make awesome return tops this way he has more time to work on that plastic one :slight_smile:

Too bad their discontinuing them. Their CLYW’s first yoyo, and maybe one of their greatest. Well, at least they still have one last run I can’t afford. :-\

Yup Yup… Chris keeps super busy with his “day job” so in order to make more time for NEW yoyos, he’s discontinuing the oldest one.

Not to mention, the machinist always seems to botch up a few whenever they machine peaks. And that’s not good for anyone.

SO… onto bigger, better, and newer.

If you bought one, THANKS!

I kinda like the eliot jackson one… but I have to save up all my $$$ for seabase… so painful…

Waa! So sad.
I really wanted one. Too bad money doesn’t grow on trees.

Anybody got theirs yet?

TODAY!!! SO FREAKIN SEXY. Of course I have to send it to High Speed reviews so we can actually get on in on this yo yo.