Feeling unintelligent


Yesterday was one of those days when I felt I had some sort of issue. I was completely out of it in school, and managed to stab my self 4 times with a pencil, twice drawing blood. Then when I went home I kicked a mechanical pencil and got a chunk of lead embedded in my big toe. But at least I had my handy dandy yoyo kit to take it out with…I just feel so dumb… :stuck_out_tongue:

Carry on…

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We all have one of those days every now and then!


So true but seems to always be on the day of “the big test”

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Speak for yourself! I’ve never lost a fight with a pencil ::slight_smile: . I usually sharpen them until they’re pulp or bust the lead to pieces.

I guess for some people pencils can be the boogey man in the closet :o.

I may have my weaknesses but when it comes to taking on pencils I can stand my ground ;D.

However, fountain pens are a COMPLETELY different story! :wink:

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Regular pencils are no problem, but those mechanical pencils sure are sneaky!




Man its okay I had an incident with a mechanical pencil to basically what happened was I was putting lead in and I missed and the stick of lead when under my skin. had to pull it out get a band aid and it really hurt I couldn’t Yoyo or play with my iPod for a whole entire month. It took forever to heal about a month or two when I saw no scar that and it was really tender there for even longer. And worst part of it all was that I could not to the nurses office because my reading teacher refused to let me go because I was talking when she was talking even though I would have needed stitches for it. when my mom saw it she was frustrated at my teacher. That and I just had a little tiny piece in my finger for around 3 months not fun.




Just remember you are still…


Yep you still are


You don’t know pain until you’ve stepped on a lego.


Thus saying I know pain

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No worries: you’ve got nothing on me collapsing into my bed and cutting my eyelid on a pencil I’d left there…

That was one interesting experience…


When you step on a lego… Things just aren’t the same… People look at you different…

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I accidentally stabbed the muscle next to my right thumb wit ha freshly sharpened pencil. Some of the graphite actually stayed under my skin…


same thing happened to me but on my thumb knuckle. I did, however get a toothpick in the palm of my right hand, under my thumb. I had to go to the docs to get it removed with a scalpel but luckily it came out with the needle they used to numb my hand!


I have many stories where I get hurt with the last object you’d expect. I have stabbed myself with a pencil (actually twice in the same place), and my skin is discolored there from the graphite (I hope there’s nothing actually in there). My personal favorite story is one where I got a scar from stabbing myself with a ruler, and I still have it. That’s not the worst either…


A ruler? Now that you need to go into detail


Well, I was barely 2, and I was bored out of my mind. I picked up a metal edged ruler and went under a table with it. I played with it for awhile (doing what I don’t know), and then I must have crawled on top of it or fell on it or something. It pierced in to the side of my right knee, leaving a scar there that I still have today. Actually, I still have that same ruler in my house, and I do use it when I need one.


I remember being bored in school, so I’d use my pencil as a fingerboard. It was kind of fun until I launched it up and thrust my wrist down and the pencil lodged itself into my wrist HARD. I screamed in agony. I went to the nurse’s office. She tried to get it out, I was sent home for it. I still have some graphite that you can see in my wrist, under my skin. It’s my “scar.” Needless to say, this put a damper in music class.