Worst yoyo injury?

I’m just wondering what everybody’s worst yoyo injury was. I think I’m pretty sure that I am the only one to break my tooth from yoyoing. Anybody else as worse as mine??

chipped my front tooth with a genesis, and cut my eyelid with an freshly scratched supernova both while doing horizontal

bloody lip, nothing too bad.

I died


Nut shots.

Put a pretty decent gash in my lip after doing a bad Harold Owens bind and then throwing the yoyo out full force for another go. Didn’t know I had the know haha.

I’ve had a few good bag tags in my day doing frontstyle binds, too.

Counter weight to the elbow, a good smack an a few week you can’t even touch that elbow.

Dislocated knee

Knotted breakaway straight into the elbow.

Or boingeboing miss nut shots ha

Got a feeling this one is up there :wink:

I’ve taken a chunk out of my eyebrow with my Ooch-Yo. Buddy of mine just clobbered himself with his CLYW Avalanche and made the area above his eye swell up.

All I know is this scar will be great to try to explain during an interview if they have any curiosity about it. :smiley:

Elbows are a pretty tough spot too. Token binded while I was going through a combo and it rocketed into the air. I ducked and it smacked into my elbow pretty hard haha…

Cut my elbow open pretty nicely with a Spyder spike. Bled a fair amount there.

Black eye while at work… Heheh i don’t throw metal at work anymore :wink:

I was actually just playing with my fast 201 because its simple, no binding or any of that nonsense (though I do play unresponsivly most times) and I threw a sleeper and it wasn’t coming back up so I jerked it towards my face without knowing and broke my tooth

Broke tooth mid-eli hop with a freshly sili’d motu (stupid rim weight >:( ).
Tooth is serrated = Cuts meat better now = good.
Happened at a taco stand right before lunch = bad

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I had a huge chunk of skin ripped out of my thumb

Kept ripping the skin off of my NTH middle finger when I kept missing Ninja Vanish.

DV888 played punchies with my funny bone. I lost
Icon played punchies with my upper lip, bled. I lost
33 1/3 played punchies under my nose, bled. I lost
Barely dodged a MN punch…

Icon came back and played punchies with my forehead, bled. I lost

It was during the years of the reign of Hiroyuki Suzuki, when I found myself challenged by a Speeder, forged in the deep depths of Yoyojam.

I thought I could take it. For sure, my skills with the Spin Master 3 had progressed greatly over the months, and my handling techniques were those of a throw master of 10 years if not greater. For sure, I thought, that the Speeder would not be a challenge to be expertise.

I would have never expected what was to happen.

It was the night of the completion of World’s 2006. The battle was over, and Hiroyuki once again reigned supreme. I, being a young soul filled with inspiration and a valiant spirit, found myself wanting ever so much to take on the challenge of the Speeder, as Hiroyuki had done so as well.

I decided to accept this challenge and defend my honor as a thrower of the north, and placed myself into battle mode as I found myself face to face with my challenger.

It was a special edition Yoyojam Speeder. Simple design, orange, shiny golden rims, and sidecaps that were produced specifically for the Asian Pacific Yoyo Championships. It was a sight to see, and to some, yes, it may have seemed intimidating, but I felt it was within my skills to take on the challenger before me.

I gave that speeder all I had. Through everything I could throw at it, the speeder fought back with great rage, but I stayed in control, throwing the best Hiroyuki Suzuki tricks I had. Speed, whips, even his signature over shoulder tricks, I laid it all down for my honor as a thrower.

I thought I had it won, victory was in sight and I would be forever honored as one of the greatest yoyo wielders in history. But little did I know, that the end was nigh.

I threw the Speeder in a horizontal throw as a finishing attack, intending to take it into a pseudo laceration whip to end with Hiroyuki’s signature horizontal spin trick of the time. But the Speeder had other ideas and knew very well my weakness.
It snagged itself, and shot itself toward the side of my head. In my years of experience with the Spin Master 3, I had learned well to dodge incoming snag returns. It was second nature, however, the Speeder was not a Spin Master 3. It was much lighter, faster, and agile. With a sudden snag, the Speeder swung around at high velocity, and struct me on the side of the head with great precision.

Instantly, I felt a buzz as my world blurred and I felt my strength leave my body. I found myself collapsing down on the floor as my vision grew progressively dark.
I thought about those I would leave behind, those who would never know the greatness of the thrower of the north. It brought a tear to my eye as I breathed my last breaths as my vision left me. The last sight I saw, was the Speeder, still attached to my finger, sitting there next to me on the floor, seemingly taunting me.
It would be my last memory of that life, as my breath faded away, and I passed on, on…into the next life.

I found myself suddenly sprawled out in the middle of a forest. Lights dancing around me. What was this? Where was I? I had no idea, the lights were so bright, I could not open my eyes to try to orient myself on my surroundings.
I crouched down and tried to stay still as air rushed about my being. Finally, the lights and wind faded, and I opened my eyes to see the new world for the first time.

“Where am I, what is this place? And why am I…”

It was then that I noticed myself. I was no longer my human self. Soft, smooth, grey fur coated my body with hints of white in different areas. I grabbed the side of my head trying to grasp what was going on, and I immediately noticed that my ears were no longer where they used to be.
“Wh-what the…” Reaching up, I found two large ears toward the top of my head."
“But how…”
It was then that I noticed that my mouth and nose had changed quite significantly. A long grey muzzle now pointed outward with a soft black nose at the end.
“This can’t be…” I said softly reaching up to feel and grasp this new and strange form. It was then that I noticed my hands. While still having a human form of sorts, fur and fluff were surrounding small black leathery pads. These were not hands, no, they were not paws, they were a mix of the two.

Looking about, I spotted a lake in the distance. I needed to see what I had become in full, and the lake would provide the look that I needed.
I ran to the lake, noticing that I could run quite a bit faster and stronger than I ever had before. Approaching the lake, I found myself shaking, shaking from the nervousness of what I might see. Standing at the waters edge, I slowly peered over into the water.

There I was. I was no human, I was a wolf. And from that day on, I learned to survive in my new form, live in the new world, and essentially, learn to throw again, from the start.

Given, I found myself back in this world, how did that come about? Well, we’ll leave that story for another time.