Feedback for JezusMclovin

Good buying experience with JezusMclovin last week. High end throw - ILYY Liopleurodon I’d been hunting for. Because he had some bad feedback in his past, he offered to ship first, I paid when the yo-yo was delivered. Yo-yo was as described in excellent condition, well packaged and shipped promptly. He definitely went out of his way to make sure all his i’s were dotted and t’s crossed!


Now if I could get the one that he promised he’d send me back in May…


Well, you are in the thread for his feedback, you might as well post your story to balance the good with the bad.


Full Nelson waiting for your PM I haven’t made sny deals in May and I owe 1 person 1yoyo if its you I’ll get it to you ASAP.

That isn’t very appropriate honestly but whatever I’ll let it go as the bigger person and let you have your swipe!

This is about how THIS trade/sale went. He was very pleased I offered to send first got my $ and boom.

Also since we can be off topic here someone sca…ed me of over $600 in yoyos for a few months at least and I want them back or I will find a clever way to let people close to him know that he jacked me. Thing is he seemed like he was planning this from the very start.

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I don’t know about anything about what did or didn’t happen in the past but, I bought a WM2 from @JezusMclovin a week or so ago. I paid, he shipped, the throw was protected well, and got here fine. We talked plenty before, he was honest with me and in my limited experience I haven’t had a problem dealing with him and I would do business again.


I have a suggestion for this ‘situation’.

First off, I’m sure no judge. And this certainly isn’t People’s’ Court.

But that being said. Tossing around accusations is just a big whiny Crock. Unless you guys quit beating around the bush giving half stories.

How about just laying it out?

Fullnelson has been around for a minute… and seems like a pretty credible guy.

Jezus hasn’t been around for ‘a minute’ and speaks more in ‘they’re out to get me riddles’ as standard practice. Seldom states specifics of the deals’. Just focuses more on, ‘Well if you think I am trying to pull a fast one on so and so. You should see the fast ones people are pulling on me’?

Fullnelson… What were you suppose to get back in May?

And Jezus…’WHO’ Scammed you out of $600 worth of yoyos? And what exact yoyos were they?

And don’t try and Cop out by saying something stupid like, ‘Well, I would rather not bring his name up on the Forum because that would not be nice’.

Bull… If you actually ‘got shortsticked’ in your favorite shorts. What do you care about protecting the identity of a SCAMMER?

Because if you keep quiet, than that same scammer is going to scam other people.

Lay out the facts… or you are just blowing smoke…


I messaged a moderator if I tell you are you going to help me get my yoyos back?

Dylan Watt

No I want my ish back but I don’t know how you are goi g to help me…3 ILYYsaC grade E1ns and a Mint Ape X all gone to that fawker

I got all my convos saved

I send him…

A 1/20 ILYY Phase
Ape X
09 Mary w a couple of marks
Fury Red Candyblast
C Grade e1ns
Half Yellow Have Purple Project 2 w Brass Dome Side Effects…

First rule of effective communication… Don’t answer a question by asking a question.

If you happen to ‘be the problem’.

Why would you ask me to help resolve your situation?

Quit with the riddles… The smoke is getting in my eyes.

I am not asking you to ‘help me’.

I’m asking you to make an actual effort to help yourself.

I have nothing to gain or lose.

I am actually attempting to help you clear up people’s’ views of your BST adventures, disappearances, reappearances and pointless riddles.

Right now… If you wanted to sell me a $600 yoyo for $1. Including paypal fees and Express shipping. I would have to think about it🤔

But then again. I may have you totally wrong. And everybody that doesn’t have a very high view of you may be totally wrong.

But if you just want to pop up here and there and play word games. Then you must just live for the drama.

I got scammed of $600 thays what im working on w a mod right now. Thanks for what you are trying other people see that 7 in a row all on time shows something.

So if you kbow him get a hold of him I want my yoyos back.

Screw his cash I want me origi al yoyos + my $44 shipping fee. Or I think I can still file crimp so charges

Sorry criminal…

Gonna sleep…

Anyone talk this guy into sending back I will def pay them a hundo and give them a yoyo worth over a hundo aswell…

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Feedback threads are for all things feedback regarding the member named in the title, not just the transaction in the original post.


You messaged me… for some reason… About a facebook deal you had claimed to have been burned on. You messaged me threats you are planning to send to a random kid I do not know on facebook in a very confusing, muddled, ranting way. I do not know what you are expecting me to do, but please lower your expectations, whatever they may be.


He had a Canflon E1NS kinda beat up. He sent me pictures and he agreed to send first. Should of let this just die away…

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I appriciate your feedback too thank you very much!!

But you never sent it. I don’t think that this is the kind of feedback that you want…:thinking:


I get that its uncool that he agreed to send you a yoyo that you never received, but at least he never charged you for it? I agree that there should have been follow up, and that some of the responses here by @JezusMclovin seem a little manic, but I don’t think he deserves all of the hate. There are multiple people here who have had good transactions with him.

Not only that, but you keep bringing up the fact that he never sent you the yoyo, in an earlier response he told you to PM him because he knew he owed someone a throw still.

All I’m saying is that there is a lot of petty squabbling going on in this thread, and that I think @JezusMclovin is just frustrated and was a victim of an ACTUAL bad actor, @woahyoyo1, Woahyoyo1 feedback