Feedback for JezusMclovin

I PMed him 3 people wanted that yoyo I axtually sold it for 50 vs 60 I would have rather sold to you bro

I was asked to elaborate, so I did. I, on the one hand, am a man of my word. He, on the other hand, isn’t for whatever reason. Thanks be to Jesus that I didn’t send him any $$. That is all…


More like no thanks to “Jezus” lol :wink:


Additional feedback for McLuvin


Bought a rally off JezusMclovin. He shipped fast and throw arrived as described. JezusMclovin was not happy that I paid via G&S and he incorrectly assumed I put a hold on the payment (Paypal did).


Aren’t mods here to help people? The trade didbt happen through facebook it happened here!!!

Im out over 6 hundo, I’m sure you would be pissed off aswell.

What should I do from here? Any chance you can get a hold of him, pull his records? I’ll look into what I can do legally.

Honestly I feel like people get help based on if people like you or not, aka selective help.

YYE Garrett I was told “hes very nice and fair and will look into your situation”

Have positive after positive feedbacks coming in on very short times, I am a good guy, seriously as a moderator what is the next step you take? Try to contact him?

I lost some yoyos I will never be able to get under the false pretense of being paid very handsomely and I was desprate for some money just to live on.

Btw in November I will have 1 year clean no using no drinking, not even smoking weed even though in WA state its 100% legal, there are Recreational Cannabis Shops…

My mind is in a better place where Dylan who is an admitted Heroin addict (I have been there I feel like I have the right to call him out for smth this sh*****y, if you haven’t been an IV heroin addict yourself then you have no idea what that label does to people both in discrimination aswell as makes them feel like crap"

But I feel like this is not inaprop.

So do I have to find his granny on FB and private message her explaining how he stole over $600 worth of stuff from me and is a Heroin Addict that steals and uses needles?

Should I PM his friends to tell them if anything was stolen and Dylan possibly could be a suspect then I recommend you press charges bc hes a Heroin addict in need of treatment, I know bc I used to be one but besides that he owes me 6 yoyos that total over $600…

You said you got scammed on FB. How is a YYE mod supposed to help? What do you expect them to do about it?

People are having a difficult time understanding what exactly you’re saying as all your posts are rather cryptic and are riddled with grammatical errors. Type everything in MS Word first, it might help with the coherency.

How are you out $600? You sold some yoyos to this guy and he never paid? Did you ship them prior to receiving payment? Did PayPal hold the funds? Did he somehow reverse the transaction?

Plenty here are more than willing to help, but most of us can’t make heads or tails of what you’re rambling on about.


@JezusMclovin as a “dumb, big new bible swingin a$$hole of the bst” as i’ve been so-labele, let me provide you some insight.

first, i feel for you and those like you. i HATE anyone getting ripped off. ANYONE.

second. addiction sucks. i’ve witnessed it first hand, and lost MANY people close to me because of it. OD, suicide, the whole thing… addiction destroys lives. it’s not your place to blow up someone else’s spot, regardless of where you have been. have some sympathy, others are having it for you (though not many)

third. i will help ANYONE. hell, i’ll send you $20 if you need it, but you best be helping yourself. but, i’d never do a yoyo deal with you. your history shows an extreme risk.

fourth. you made this bed. you DON’T deserve this. BUT, the fact that you have to send yoyos out first and then get paid on arrival speaks volumes about your reputation.

i congratulate anyone working towards sobriety and a better life. it’s not easy… it’s not just addiction, because it’s usually coupled with mental illness, and a host of other struggles. overcoming that… making steps towards that is difficult, and riddled with obstacles along the way… like this. pick yourself up, dust yourself off, keep fighting. this is your fight, your issue, your problem.

i wish you success and good health; happiness and sobriety so you can be a good family member, friend, and member of this community.

you, it seems and in my recommendation, are a yoyo buyer only.



I have FB convos backing up what im saying is true. I should have sent not all at once now I know better. He used my bad feedbacm against me.

Sorry I don’t mean to be all over the place. He said he would PayPal me as soon as he got the shipment and was on me bc I took a week later to send then intended. I didn’t know he was outside of USA and I also didn’t know that it was gonna cost me $44 for shipping w tracking…

He had tons of excuses why PayPal didnt work. I should have had him pay and just “hold funds” till satisfied, I didn’t know that was an option sadly.

Then he seems to flip the script and be irritated “I don’t want more problems” when he has my yoyos I dont have ish, he says PayPal wont work which ever way he does it tried 3 diff accounts every excuse in the book

So he then says that hes sending me a check, which I didn’t want bc it’s prob in Canadian $, impossoble to cash aswell as just a PITA!!!

He said it was " very expensive to send and it will likely have delays bc of Covid so quote “dont start bitching at me after only waiting a month from now, countries have their customs and idk why you think you are so important but there is a process” Even if it got held up who cares void it and send back my yoyos.

Knowing him it got picked up for drug residue that the dogs sniffed out, IF he sent the check which we all know he didn’t

Hurts he targeted me from the start used my bad feedback to get me to do all on my end first then he peaces out

And ty for your words of encouragement!! I waited a little longer than I should bc I lack confidence and didbt want to deal w any blowback from people on here that hate me for one reason or another, im not a confrontational man unless I have to on the spot fight or flight.

Some dude scammed me and the only way I got paid was I kept calling and he would leave the phone off tbe hook, took 2 weeks to talk w his dad maybe 4 or 5 tines and his daddy wrote me a check.

I feel like I need to try to get family info if he isn’t willing to send back my yoyos.

Or I’m afraid he will damage them deliberately just bc that’s the type of person he is.

And funny story I got a text from an old nr asking if I wanted to sample a free $40 bag of H, it would feel good to nod out and not be pissed right now but in the end, I get 1 for free and the next time I’m calling with $40, its totally not worth it, my higher power is testing me thats for sure!!

I feel like if I go and use some H then Dylan Watt wins, imo hes a total scumbag so why let a scumbag bring me back to using H.

Please for any of you that think taking a few “percs” is smth cool to do and you sip lean bc rappers talk about it, quit while you are ahead, it will turn to other cheaper substances aka oxy and then heroin.

Esp if you live on the east coast I hate to say “everything” but really unless it’s shipped from another country directly to you and you are a baller like that then it’s ALL FENTANYL!!!

Cut isn’t even the right word, maybe a little diamorphine(h) is in there but its just a ton of cut w maybe 2mg of fentanyl per $10 bag, dealers spike bags killing people w one 10x as strong and it actually brings them more business as sick as that really is.

Fentanyl is killing SO many people, you wont be able to find percs 1 day, tired of $50/day then $100/day. Then you are so sick your hair hurts, someone hands you a $5 bag of dope which is fentanyl these days. You will feel more than paying $100 in pills, that won’t last either you will be up to using $100 a day in dope just like I was.

So I am sorry to ramble on and lecture people bc most know better esp here I would say more yoyoers are totally straight edge than aren’t actually, like don’t even smoke weed or cigs or drink, you guys are smart and have your heads screwed on right.

For me I needed an escape with an abusive father. My mom happened to have 300 pills a month as a legit script, later did the math and that bottle of pills has a value of over $12,000. I was always scared someone would follow her out of the pharmacy so I went w her drive thru and we would square the block to make sure no followers.

Some “helper” when I was 16 I got rejected by a girl that I liked for a long time and hung out with. So I went into my moms purse and took 2 pills and back then 1 40mg pill would last 4 days.

Anyways the high isn’t worth any of the bad things that could have happened. Could have been sentenced to a few years in jail for selling, I could be in prison right now instead of $600 being my problem I’m worried about getting jumped bc I owe someone 2 bags of chips hahahaha.



Thats okay, it helped me therapeutically please dobt read its embarassing. K now to mail these 2 yoyos…


stay well @JezusMclovin keep your head up


I just want to put out a good word for Mr Mclovin over here.
I’ve been his friend for a while now, and I know he’s been through some rough times. He’s gotten the muddy end of the stick of life many, many times. True, I do know some deals have gone south, but I can’t speak to that.

However what I can say is he’s a good man. And one who’s been through more than I probably ever will. And he’s on his way out of a hole that most people never have the courage to even try to get out of.

Again, I can’t speak for any specific trade deals or anything like that, but I can say he deserves a spot in this community for sure. Whether you choose to do business with someone is your own choice, but regardless I’m here to support any member of this community going through a tough time.

I’ve got mad respect for him. And personally, I will not hesitate to trade with him in the future.


props @nightshadow


Man, great job on that 1 year clean bro! That’s amazing. :heart: