Monkeyfcircus pops my cherry

Well eveyone, its official, I have just received my first two throws purchased through the YYE B/S/T thread. Monkeyfcircus was very gentle as he eased me through my first sketchy forum transaction. He hooked me up with a good deal on 2 yoyos. Both were exactly how he told me they would be. One yoyo had a CT bearing and I hate CT’s so he switched it out for me before he sent them. (thanks again dusty) I sent him the money Wednesday night and my yoyos were in the mailbox 10a.m. Saturday morning. Dont hesitate to deal with Monkeyfcircus, he is a great guy, fun to talk too, very knowledgable on throws, and he has just about any throw you want for any budget :wink:

:wink: thx man, i do my best to deal with people i would want to be dealed with.

Agreed, he’s a class act. look forward to future dealings.