MoonageMin Feedback

@MoonageMin sold me a brown One Drop Project. I was nervous about having such a rare yoyo shipped from the UK to the US, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to buy it. He was super polite, descriptive, and prompt in responding to all of my messages. He even sent me videos showing every detail of the yoyo.

The yoyo arrived in about 2.5 weeks. It was packaged as safely as possibly and there was no damage to yoyo. I literally woke up to an update from him letting me know that the yoyo had reached my local P.O. That’s quality service haha.

Min cares a lot about the yoyo community and I couldn’t have been happier with my purchase. I’ve been chatting with him daily since he first popped up on reddit asking about pricing for his 10 year old collection. He’s a quality person and I’m glad he’s back after a decade away a from yoyo.

Thank you!


What a great idea!


Bought some bearings off him. Great communication and very professional! Thanks!


Thank you @jojopro for the beautiful feedback!


Thank you @fullnelson, really appreciate the feedback


A few days ago @MoonageMin sold me a 07’888. When I asked him about the details, he would send me some clear pictures and answer the questions very quickly and politely. After the agreement was reached, he quickly ship it. From UK to CN, I received it in about two weeks.

After receiving the parcel, it was found that the yoyo was protected by a lot of packaging materials, ensuring that long-distance transportation did not cause damage. During the transportation, he kept tracking the shipment and reminded me to ensure that the yoyo was safely delivered to me.

He is really a very good person, polite, considerate, and attentive. This is a very worry-free transaction, Thank you.@MoonageMin


Thank you @Huiyoyo,

I am glad that you are enjoying the ‘07 888 :metal:


Bought a freehand from Min in person, he keeps his yoyos in very good condition, that thing is like 10 years old! Solid guy who’s noticeably passionate about the hobby. I’m dropping a rep here so he can get the ball rolling, I feel like he’ll have quite the collection in future :smirk:


Thank you @skingleymatthew!

It was a real good fortune to meet you and all the other lovely people at SRC!
I hope you like the FHZ, and you are right, I have 7 more yoyos on it’s way to me as we speak…

I have taken your advice on and self imposing a 12 yoyo (how many that fits in my case) limit at a given time.

Thank you again for the feedback!

I sold @MoonageMin a CLYW Akita and found it a very easy transaction. Good communication, quick payment, and altogether pleasant to deal with. I would be happy to buy or sell with him again,


Thank you @bobian it was a real pleasure buying from you :slight_smile:
Thank you for the Akita!

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I traded with @MoonageMin for an Hspin Pyro and everything went quite smoothly. I would definitely do business with him again!


Thank you David!

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I bought a Diffraction V2 from Min. Quick shipping, minimal hassle, constant updates from him, the whole process was just as if not, more professional than most of your standard yoyo shops. Super super reliable; I also had the privilege of meeting him in person and despite me knowing him for a short time, hes one of the friendliest people I know


THE MK1.Elliot Ding in the flesh! (well online but yeah)

Thanks dude! love the feedback, always nice to get a positive review from a legend (in the making).


If you don’t know @E_S_H_D, you guys are missing out.


Min is an absolutely top-notch buyer and seller. We traded a Covenant and TiShee between us and I gotta say I’ve never had such good, clear, thorough communication with anyone on the BST before – he really worked to make sure our trades were fair, that we both knew what we were getting, and that we were both comfortable during every step of the buy/trade process.

Next time you’re doing a yoyo trade and you’re not sure how to handle yourself just ask “what would @MoonageMin do?” and then do that thing.



um :flushed:


Hey Terry!

Thank you for that spectacular feedback.
I am somewhat :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: shy to receive such an epic feedback.
Thanks again for the TiShee it is so shinnnnnyyy!

Mad love bro!


Min is great to deal with. Prompt, secure shipping, and gave me a great deal even considering the overseas shipping rate.

Thanks @MoonageMin !