FS: 5 Duncan Throw Monkeys (recessed)! Need money for Prom!!!!

Hey guys,

I recently had good fortune and won a bunch of Throw Monkeys. Fortunately, this is more than I need so I’m putting them up for grabs. They are the 2010 redesigned model of Throw Monkey.

Here’s the album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/55349825@N02/sets/72157632359709008/

Selling yo-yo $15 shipped or trade offers-US Only. I accept paypal!

I really need money if I want to at least afford a ticket to prom and stuff for it’s my senior year.

Not accepting trade offers anymore

These are new in package and I have not touched any of these.

Red/blue combo: x2 x1 TRADED 1

Black/Yellow: x2 TRADED!

Blue/Trans yellow: x2 x1 SOLD

Black/Green: x1 TRADED

Clear: x1

White/Red: x1

[s]Looking for:


Adegle PSG

Duncan FHZ

Shinwoo Dolphin

C3YoyoDesign Token

Strings Yo-yo Documentary

PM me for negotiations :wink:

bump bu bump. They’re just sitting there and I want them to find a good home!

Bump! I kept 4 of the 12 that I originally got and opened one. It actually plays quite smooth and unresponsive. Great for beginners and advanced players that wanna smoothen out their combos!

How much do u want chris?

Oops nvm!

Hey Chris!! I would love one but you posted that you didn’t want to trade anymore! Bummer!! Well good luck!!

This guy is legit and followed all the rules of the bst perfectly and he shipped first and everything came unopened as described. He has really great communication and I would definitely recommend anybody to trade with him. These Throw Monkey’s are awesome and are the 2010 recessed models, so they come unresponsive after only a few throws and play wonderfully! Thanks again!

Bump! I need money for senior year stuff. This year, I decided to go to Senior Prom but I need funds to do so. Help me make it happen guys! Even just buying one can help this guy out! Even though I don’t have much feedback, I can say my forum experience and reputation can compensate and ease any worries.

Bump! To show how awesome these things are, here’s a little demonstration:

Major bump! Make this kid’s senior year dreams come true :smiley: