Zammy Sales thread: Duncan, YYF, Aoda, YYJ

These are the current throws I have for sale, would love to hopefully get rid of these and or be able to trade for current throws I’ve been interested in. Yeah…

Five dollars is for the shipping for US . This is standard.
Whatever is left on the list is WHAT IS AVAILABLE. This is applied until I can update all pictures so for now, scan over the list first.

Due to Yoyonation once again not allowing me to post photos for some stupid reason, the photos are on my Flickr account here:


Yoyofactory Rockstar Pink/purple/black splash special edition- $50- Little to no damage at all. Might have tiny unoticable pinpricks.

Yoyofactory PGM v2: white.  $15

Yoyofactory Yuuksta: Black acid wash $30

Yoyofactory Pocket Change with Offstring rims: $10


Yoyojam White modded Program “Boltlegs”. $20 dollars each. Both of them schmooved.

Yoyojam Journey with Element Ring mod!: Gift from Augie,  $20


Duncan Trans OG freehand 2:. $5 dollars each. blue. currently on hold

Duncan fh2010: $7 dollars each. Neon green, white, Black

Duncan Metal Drifter: $10 dollars each. black, Yellow and blue. Some dings upon the black coloured side one.

Duncan hyper freehands:  Black with deep pad recess. $20 dollars each.

Duncan freehand zeros: Orange/white capped.  $10 dollars each.

Duncan Vendetta: red. $20

Duncan Raptor: Orange, Blue,  -each $15 dollars each. Blue has ding on side. If interested I’ll go in detail of appearence

Duncan Diversion: Red, Black,  $45 each

Duncan Mayhem: 2 Raws and 1 red: Raw polish has natural appeared scatches. Red is undamaged body. $45 dollars each.

Duncan Momentum: blue $50, green $45,. Green has small pinpricks, Blue has pinpricks to seeable dings around rim. red/blue dinged.

Duncan Metal zero v2: grey. $10

Unopened Duncan FH2010. Black, White, Neon Green- $10


Aoda PXY: Black. Comes with extra hubstacks, silicone rings, bag. $15


As far as trade goes, I am looking for three specific throws, not sure what kind of luck I will have to find them but they are:

Looking for Red or Black based (whatever splash) colored Yoyofactory yoyos. Listed by amount of want, Top being most:
Black Delrin Severe
Hot (black with red splash)
Red or Black Yoyofactory Snapback
Avant Garde 2
Super G

Bape Yelets
Bape Summit

Other Company throws:
Empire Sun White or black
C3 Capless (blue with silver speckle)
C3 Septre
C3 Alpha Crash
C3 Motivation
C3 Glitter
C3 Beserker
Recrev Octave 2
Recrev Delrin Octave
Turning Point Albino Leviathan
Duncan Flipside (red)

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These still available?

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Still trying to sell this stuff guys. 3-11-2012

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Really wish there was people interested in the Duncans. I have so flipping many of them for sale.

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CLYW- Bear vs Man 70$ why it is so cheap?

Because its Raw and I am trying to sell it and thought it was a good price.

No one seems to want to buy it.


I sent u a pm
But u have not been on get at me please

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Also I got back to you @xxartacxx


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for 210$ how about the rockstar both die nastys raw bvm raw mayhem or mayhems and the modded freehands?

Super necro.

But ALL of this stuff is all for sale.

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