For sale or trade, YoyoFactory DV888 and A Freakhand

I am trying to save up for a werrd, so i am selling these throws. PAYPAL only, please.send money as a gift…I will mail after you pay me.
As I posted, I am looking for the Yoyojam HG throws any will do, But I would prefer the Copper Head. I will trade for them.
First, the yoyojams. Sold
IMG_20120325_172345 by offstring-stewart, on Flickr

The prices are as follows:
Dark Magic 2 : $35 $30 shipped
Big Ben : $10 shipped
Kick side : $10 shipped
I will sell all for $45 $40 shipped, as a package deal.

Now, the Yoyofactorys Sold*
IMG_20120325_172432 by offstring-stewart, on Flickr

Popstar(near mint, has some pricks on the ball bearing area. Does not affect play) : $15 shipped
Plastic Grind Machine w/ stacks with box : $25 shipped
Plastic Grind Machine without stacks (this is the old one) : $15 shipped
Speed Dial(this is mint with everything, is the anno b grade version) : $15 Shipped
Get them all for $60 $55 shipped, again, as a package deal.

Got two more things to sell.
Duncan Freakhand Freehand: $12 shipped
DSC00536 by offstring-stewart, on Flickr

And My slightly beat, but without vibe and still plays great, DV888: $30 $25 Shipped
DSC00527 by offstring-stewart, on Flickr
DSC00528 by offstring-stewart, on Flickr

These all come with string on them, despite the pictures not showing them.
If you need to contact me, private message me.
Accepting mild low balls…I need cash, guys…Please help me out…or trade me.
Thanks for looking!

daily bump, but deals are pending.

Added two new throws, just to let y’all know.

Daily bumparoo

Daily Bumparoo

halo , really 40$ for all the yoyojam ??

halo i would like to buy all the yoyofactory yoyos from you …how can i contact you? can u send this item to malaysia? and also please respond me i am really want to buy them

Daily bump…Yoyojams still up for grabs…just saying.

Daily bumpsies…DM2 is now also pending…

Bumparoo, DM2 and Speed Dial pending, yyf throws back up for grabs, though.

Early morning Bumpsies,about to fall asleep, to be honest.


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