Stringer's SALE! YYJ new and original runs! CHICO - HD VIDEO CAMERA

I am trying to thin a collection that has been growing out of control over the years. My needs are more refined and I have really had a good time finding the throws that fit my style to a tee. SO…that means its time to send off the throws that have either never been played, been played a few times or are just sitting in my case while they could be put to good use in someone else’s hands.

As far as shipping/paying I will ship and offer tracking first if my trade count is lower but if my trade count is higher I would like payment first. Just how I work. I have no problem working with those with little to no trade reputation and am very fair. The only thing I ask is that you honor the idea of BST and if you enter into an agreement with me I would like it honored. I am not one to back out of a trade for no apparent reason so I expect the same consideration in return.

These are throws I really feel would be great in a new home and getting used. Some are good for beginners while others are for intermediate to advanced players.

WIth that being said…onto the the throws….
Duncan Freehand Zero Original (Comes with friction stickers. Plus I have counterweights as well so first come first serve choice on 3 of the 6 original counterweights that I have in the pic below)

this throw is MINT and was purchased when the FHZ first came out so very mod-able. I really never used it and never got into 5A so this has been in the case, sitting and feeling neglected. I figure someone could do some sweet mods on this!
Asking $20 shipped

Duncan Freehand BLUE Comes with extra friction stickers. Plus I have counterweights as well so first come first serve choice on 3 of the 6 original counterweights that I have in the pic below)

another MINT throw with side caps included and purchased when the FH line came out years ago.

Counterweights to go with the Freehands

Duncan SpeedBeetle $3 or a throw in with another yoyo. In good shape. Not into 2A but this was a gift from someone who had no idea what the styles of yo-yoing were at the time. Good for a beginner.

Yomega Xodus 2 MINT $15 (from the same person who bought me the speed beetle with the remark “Look, if you hit your hand, it won’t hurt since it has rubber rings on it…how clever.”
So needless to say, its never been used since I only throw 1A.

YYJ Big Ben RED MINT $15. (comes with 1 pair of YYJ o-rings and 1 pair of Red silicone o-rings)

YYJ Atmosphere EITHER Blue OR Black Both Solid Spin Axle $45
Both are MINT and rarely thrown. The black sidecaps have some distortion in them that of course does not affect play but when I ordered this it was the only black available so I didn’t bother sending it back for something I felt was really not a huge deal. (only selling one since this is honestly a pretty sweet throw and spins forever for a rimmed plastic yoyo)

YYJ Hitman First Run WHITE or LIME GREEN $35 (comes with 1 pair of YYJ o-rings and 1 pair of Red silicone o-rings)
Both MINT and I am only selling one of them since I just can’t part with both. But I would much rather know that someone is using it and having as much fun with it as I have.
Sidecaps are perfect and there are no marks on the rims from play. The white has the original o-rings while the lime green has had flowable installed.

YYJ Revolution Green MINT $35 Another gift that has just sat in my case.

ILYY Lynx MINT Gold Candodize MINT ($90) Seriously an amazing grind! I would keep it but I don’t need two of them in my case.

Chico Gullwing Unengraved 2 marks that do not break through the anodization ($70) Another great throw but again, I don’t need 2 in my case.

Decided to put this on here since its a good starter camera and even has a motion activation setting so its good for recording without having to worry about the camera running, plus it was a gift and I have plenty of camera equipment and this doesn’t get used ever.

Insignia 5MP HD Video Camera 1080P Takes SD Cards and takes both video and stills. I do have the box somewhere. Comes with charger, camera, box and manuals. The person who bought it for me paid $100 and they sell now for around $85. I’m asking for $65. Model number NS-DV1080P.

So like I said I really would like CASH but if you think you have a sweet offer hit me up. Can’t hurt to ask and I’m really an easy going type of guy so offer away! If you want more pics of a particular throw just PM me and I will have them to you asap.

If you want to make an offer I really only play metals now so I’d be more than happy to do multiples for metals.


Someone sell me a Sky Walker!