THROWYOYO- Made good


All is well.

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I got something from someone, and it took quite a long time, yeah, maybe about a week or so. Wasn’t the best communication, but I did eventually get it and everything was fine. Mail was probably slow or something. There IS hope.

Are they a reputable member and do they have good feedback?



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Well, I say if you don’t get it tomorrow in your mail, I say tell. You can always delete the post if needed.


If this is to be deleted…


Waiting for a package? I’ve waited over a month to give negative feedback. But u should do it sooner probably after to weeks






all was corrected.




After some carefully placed encouragement he is sending it tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

(got it)


After much frustration I have a Yoyo in my possession. It is a great throw and was not a bad deal. Would I do it again being 31 days since payment remains to be the question. I feel if the communication had been better or I was aware of how long this ordeal would take, most likely. Seeing as no more than a message a week was received I would hesitate. He does have fantastic throws and the cost is good. To sum up this thread I would like to say thank you THROWYOYO for at the end of the day for not being a dishonest person.

Any further questions as to this situation can be submitted to me as a PM as I will not be revisiting this thread.

Thanks to all involved and those who gave advise.