Feedback for @djinni_cake

Seller is legit - got item shipped promptly after transaction was made. Seller contacted me this morning concerned on USPS shipping prior to seeing that it was actually going to be out for delivery. Item came as described plus some nice extras! Would do business with again :slight_smile:

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For anybody not into reading: "One simply can’t vouch for him enough. "
Now, off we go…
Let me take you all mere mortals to a journey of what it is like to do business with this guy. First he is extremely thorough and careful with all that goes through. You ask for one extra photo and he sends a dozen with the caption: “I’m not a great photographer by any stretch of the imagination, so if something looks off, let me know and I can take more photos.” . I made a trade with him but I’m sure buying/selling will be just as nice if not better. Especially for overseas stuff, he is aware of the unreal taxes some countries have and is willing to figure it out if there is a way. Took my opinion even when choosing shipping companies and the type of mail. Meanwhile we kept derailing to nice chats about life, yoyoing, and everything. He ships in time, in our case he had a national holiday and you wouldn’t believe the options he gave me to compensate for one day of shipping delay. He was so excited for me to try the yoyo I’d occasionally get texts from him about where it was with lots of exclamation marks!! Then comes the mail day, you start wondering if he is Santa, or your sponsor. I kept shoving my hand in the box in awe only to find more goods awaiting me. After putting laying everything on the table to take a photo, I felt the need for a wider lens. Had to get on top of a chair to fit all to frame. I still am going through all the goodies. This mail day was like no other, like the letter from Hogwarts many awaited. Does not even end here, I ended up making a great friend!


This guy is amazing. I asked about the condition of the yoyos I was wanting to buy, instead of just saying that they are mint with no damage, He sent me several pictures of each yoyo. And a description of any vibe.

He said one of the yoyos was 8/10 vine, personally I would say it’s closer to 9/10 vibe.

He sent a bunch of extra goodies too.

12/10 would do business with in the future.

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@djinni_cake is a great seller and trader!!! Don’t hesitate to do business quick shipper and included some extras throw as described :100: do business with him again

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@djinni_cake I’m new to the yoyoexpert BST and I was blown away by the amount of communication and advice he was able to give to me. I was asking him about a yoyo of his and he described it as a 6/10 vibe but it wasn’t that bad at all! He even sent me a video of him testing the vibe out himself. Looking forward to doing business with him in the future.

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Also had a great transaction. Very cool and legit

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Just got a purchase from them. They gave very quick responses and shipping time. Everything was packed well and the pictures/descriptions were all spot on. Absolutely recommend doing business with them.

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+1 for @djinni_cake ! Great communication, and made sure that the Damage was exactly as described before we completed the transaction. Would buy from again!

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Completed a deal with @djinni_cake a few days ago. Lighting fast communication. Shipped out fast and generously threw in a few extras. Thank you!

Recommended and hope to do business with him again.

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Completed my first trade on YYE with @djinni_cake and couldn’t be happier with how it all went. Excellent communication and he was very concerned with making sure the trade was fair. Knowing that getting hold of boutique string is expensive in the UK, he threw in a bunch of string from Zipline, Bad Wolfe Co, Airetec and more!

Very generous guy and a pleasure to deal with :+1:

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I totally agree with all the recommendations. @djinni_cake supplied a beautiful selected care package not only for me but also for my friend who received the parcel on my behalf!


@djinni_cake is absolutely amazing!!! I had a blast throughout the whole process. He‘s such a cool dude, knows his stuff and is so damn supportive. A+!

Not only enjoyed doing business, but have surely found another friend here!

Really appreciate everything, Buddy!


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I honestly can’t thank @djinni_cake enough. I mean, seriously - this guy takes BST transactions to a whole new level.

I mean, @djinni_cake was not only an extremely friendly and thorough communicator throughout the sale he made to me, he was downright incredible to make a deal with.

When it came to the delivery process, everything was right on time and, the Moonshine yoyo I’d purchased from him was exactly as described and shown in the pictures he provided prior. Also, everything was packed quite well.

Additionally, however, because @djinni_cake 's clear dedication to being a top of the line seller is obviously just as important to him as anything else, there were MULTIPLE extra goodies in the package he sent me. I’m talking numerous different string samples of different types and brands, some rad stickers, and even a YYF One!!!

Dealing with this dude is going to be hard to top. Quite frankly, I hope to do many more deals with him in the future, and I’d encourage anyone on this forum to consider doing the same.

Many thanks, @djinni_cake !