Favorite Stacked Throw?

Do you enjoy playing with stacked throws and if so what’s your favorite?

DNA is the only yoyo I’ve enjoyed with stacks ON. It is one of the smoothest yoyos I have ever thrown, super floaty and Organic. Just a super fun throw.

LOVE my old school raw DNA with Rice Stacks! Second would be it’s undersized older brother… the 888 (in my pic…) both super smooooth stuff with the stacks on or off and amazing yoyos!!

DEFINITELY the Stacked Genesis! Great finish, perfect balance of heft and float, and, of course, HUBSTACKS!

Does it have to be stacks?

My vote has to be the MadHouse YoYo’s Epic, without question.

that looks sweet! How expensive are those? or what are they worth?


YYE has them listed for $118. Unfortunately, none are in stock.

DNA is a sweet throw. If you put regular stacks on a Catalyst it’s pretty sweet too

hmm I need to get me a cool stacked throw. was sorta thinking a genesis because I thought I might be able to get a good deal on one since it was in the mystery boxes

MadHouse Epic hands down no questions about it.

OG Superstar is amazing with or without stacks, and so is the stacked Genesis (prefer stackless on that one myself though). The G5 (2010 was my favorite) is good too, again I like it stackless better because I like speed.

feel like that’d be really hard to get my hands on haha

07 888

One Drop 54 with RSM Side Effects

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I don’t know what the deal is with OD and the RSMs. That’s money they could be making hand over fist, but they refuse to produce RSMs.

I only own 2 and have only tried 2. I have the YYF Grindmachine and the YYF Genesis, so out of those two definitely the genesis.

Dang w/ RSMs.

At Ga States Nick Beland told
Me that the rsm’s were the perfect se for the dang.

I love my original GM2 (the metal one), that one is awesome with stacks, I really lucky to have one, got it in trade last year.

also, the Auldey Super Photon has really neat stack design, I love that one spinning on my hand.

I really love an 888. So smooth.