Fake Draupnir?

I have my eye on a matte blue Draupnir. I emailed the seller (whose website seems very legit). I emailed them and asked for some in depth pictures but they refused due to their policy, but they said fake draupnirs are not made in matte blue. It also is not being sold cheap like the other fakes, and so I feel it is legit but also do not want to spend so much money on a fake. Anyone know if the matte blue is exclusive to real Draupnirs? Any help is appreciated thanks.

I would contact YYR and ask them, even providing them a link.

If I were looking for a yoyo that is being bootlegged, I’d stick with the reputable stores online and only buy from them, that’s the only real way you’re going to know you’re getting the real thing.

Alright I just emailed YYR and hopefully they can clear it up. I’ll probably just wait for a restock, but thanks very much for the help! Have a good one.

I do not recall a blue-matte/blasted Draupnir ever being for sale.
They made a blue metallic; but I do not remember them making a “matte” (blasted) version in blue. If anyone does remember one - please correct me. There was a blue-blasted Valkyrie though.

If this were a legit, quality product then the seller should be eager to show you how wonderful it truly is with any additional pictures you reasonably request. I would beware of anyone not happy to show me what I am paying for. I would be curious about a “policy” that limits my access to any information. That smells bad just about anywhere.

Buy from reputable websites, or the manufacturer themselves. Remember; as with ALL things: You get what you pay for.

If you do get a real Draupnir; I promise; you will be pleased with your purchase.

There was definitely a matte blue.


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I own the shop in question.

Aragorn - I cancelled and refunded your order because I feel offended by this post.

AaronW - Very useful advice for all players including myself.

YoyoGeezer - Maybe it’s better to at least google “draupnir matte blue” before commenting.

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At least YoyoGeezer said up front that he “didn’t recall” there being a matte blue version…but he definitely hit the nail on the head when he said: If this were a legit, quality product then the seller should be eager to show you how wonderful it truly is with any additional pictures you reasonably request. I would beware of anyone not happy to show me what I am paying for. I would be curious about a “policy” that limits my access to any information. That smells bad just about anywhere.


Narcissus- didn’t mean any offense by the post. I just knew there were lots of fakes out there and I wanted to ask the community for some advice. I also said in my post that your website seemed very legit. I’m just weary of spending so much money on something that has been faked before.

You’re welcome to withhold me from buying it but I said twice that everything seemed legit. Sorry for the offense. Have a good one.

Aragorn - You’re the customer. You shouldn’t have to feel the need to apologize to a retailer because you are asking questions before a purchase.

Maybe there’s a language barrier or something, but I don’t see anything offensive about your post. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions or asking for additional photos, especially with an item has been bootlegged in the past.

On the fake draupnir topic - I remember seeing a post somewhere with up close comparison photos of the slight differences between the draupnir/fakenir engravings. Not sure where it was, but maybe someone can link you to it.


Garret- I can understand he is running a business and is concerned about his name, but possibly the language barrier is a problem.

On the fake Draupnir topic though, I will definitely look into that engraving if I can find it. Thanks for the help.

his name? The best thing he could’ve did for his name is took ur money and sent u a high quality throw. Packing up his toys and going home doesn’t help. We’re not talking about a $10 plastic yoyo, this is a $250 yoyo. U can’t send a pic before I give u probably close to $275 with shipping

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It’s ok…we all know who really got hurt here and by his own uncalled for retaliation! :wink:

It’s one of the main reasons we prefer to shop HERE…and if you notice, the culprit seems to frequent YYE as well ;D

Have to agree with everyone else, if someone is selling something and asks for additional photos, the seller should get those to them. Not have a policy not to do that, that sounds really bad and would have me completely run for the hills and ignore that shop.

I thought I just heard that some of those things that were in that post have been changed lately.

I still hold to, if you don’t know the person that is selling it, and trust them, then buy from a reputable shop or direct from YYR (if they do that). That’s the only 100% way you know you’re getting the real thing.

Here’s the post regarding fake YYRs. As Aaron pointed out though I’m not certain the info is correct for newer bootlegs.


Agreed, definitely the best way to go about it.

Well I guess the next logical question would be if anyone knows if YYR is planning on releasing any Draupnirs in the near future? I know they are in high demand and don’t release that often. I’ve tried emailing them directly with no luck so far. Thanks guys

-“the true King of Gondor”

I clicked on this and got a 404 error.

Upon further thought, I now do recall a matte-blue Draupnir. But wasn’t that a special version with fancy fish-engraving specially made for a Japanese yo-yo contest? That is the only one I can recall and not easily confused with a bootleg.

I stand by my comments about:

  1. Retailers being willing to share additional information when requested.
  2. That anyone will be happy with the Draupnir.

That this retailer chose to cancel the transaction because they are “offended” by a customer asking questions is even more troubling. If I knew who the retailer was - I would avoid them like the plague.

A lot of this back and forth is avoided if the retailer sends a photo…

A simple request really. Not sure why that was a big deal. If anyone has more info on why such a policy would exist, I’m all ears. What am I missing?

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I’ve spent around 20 years in the musical instrument industry, and some guitar dealers would post their photos of what they had for sale and not give any more out. Those dealers usually had a huge inventory and felt it was a waste of time taking additional photos when someone asked, many times they were just tire-kickers and not very serious. Not sure if something like that is going on.

Also got thinking, I’ve never bought a Draupnir, not sure if the boxes are sealed, but maybe he wants to keep them new and unopened???

But really, if there is a problem with any yoyo that has fakes being made, any dealer that isn’t widely known, or private seller, needs to take as many photos as possible, and be accommodating to a buyer that is checking on it’s authenticity.