Everybody knows that yoyorecreation draunpir is one of the hottest and highest indemaned bi-metal throw on the market right now and have been since it first came out my question to everybody is is it justifiable for someone that is selling one to charge more then retail value for it since it’s a very high demand bi-metal while granted yyr has release the 44clash and eyyc edition which are limited editions those I can see go more then retail but what about the regular colors recently while trying to buy one off a few people the prices they asked for were crazy one person wanted 280 for a mint in box Matt grey another person wanted to trade me for a pink one I had throws offered for the trade for the pink DRAUNPIR but the total retail of my throws totaled 385 far more then retail of the draunpir do you guys think it’s justifiable to ask for so much for the draunpir

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Totally justifiable imo. From my understanding, they aren’t in stock often and when they are, they sell out immediately. Some people are willing to offer more than retail for a throw like that since it’s next to impossible to catch when in stock.

it is totally reasonable. you americans are the ones glorifying open markets.
As long as you are not forced to buy something for unreasonable high price everything is alright.

If no one buys them anymore then no

Justifiable? No. Totally justifiable? No. Totally reasonable? No?

Basically people just bank on the fact that others may want to ‘bounce’ higher bucks for things that are hard/harder to get.

Tickets to a concert… Items at auctions… Super Bowl tickets… Etc.

If you don’t have it and you want it real bad and somebody has it; then there is a ‘price to pay’ to complete your mission.

That doesn’t justify the inflated price. That does not make the elevated over retail price reasonable. That just means you want it real bad and somebody is going to squeeze as much greenery out of you as possible.

It’s just another form of Scalping.

I remember about 45 years ago I was building a Custom 52 Chevy low rider. I wanted to put a certain Chevy steering wheel in the car, called a Butterfly(named after the way the shape of the metal in the center of the wheel looked). Realize that this was back when you could buy a 55 Chevy in pretty descent shape for 500 bucks. The guy wanted 250 bucks for the steering wheel! < I told him I could buy a 327 engine for 250 bucks, lol. I asked him how in the World that part was worth 250 bucks?

He said, ‘It’s not that the Butterfly is worth that much. It is simply that I have what you want. And if you wanna play, you have to pay’.

So what’s the point? Simple enough. People will charge what the market will bear.

And I am not posting to say don’t do it. I just don’t fall into that kinda, ‘I have to have it’ trap.

My opinion to a person going forward to buy a Draup from somebody is pretty simple.

  1. If you are a player and really want to get one, pay $50 bucks over retail.
  2. If you are a Collector and you want a certain color/edition for your collection; than $100 over retail to fill that hole in your collection.
  3. If you are a Fanatic and you have to have one or you will die screaming and crying; than prepare to pony up the big bucks…

I wouldn’t. But then I am not a Collector or someone that has desperate tendencies to pay through the nose for low production yoyos.

It’s no different than holding something Hostage. ‘How much are you willing to pay to get Uncle Ernie back’? Farewell Uncle Ernie.

People that pay high set the Pricepoint for the next poor sap that wants something.


^ I have to agree. In the end, you have to do whatever makes you most satisfied with the deal. The seller is doing the same thing, that’s for sure. I have paid more than retail for things in the past, and while I’d rather not, if I wanted the item, I had to pay up. I pass on a lot of things when they are in stock, and on rare occasion, I’ve had second thoughts and go back to find it. On a few of those occasions, I’ve had to pay more than what I would have paid if I jumped on it earlier. I have also lucked out many times and got the throw for less than retail too. So, for me, in the end, it balances out.

I don’t own a Draupnir. I continue to hear great things about it, but it’s never been at the top of my list of things to buy. I had an opportunity to buy one of the colored ones retail, but it was not a preferred color, so I passed on it. Also, the $250 for a bimetal, when full titanium yo-yos are going for $200 or less, just never appealed to me enough. Also, I don’t buy much YoyoRecreation. I may eventually get one, but it’s not a priority.

I read the rule in the BST about how you can’t complain about seller prices, and get a chuckle that it had to become a rule. I guess a lot of people just don’t like it when sellers seem to inflate prices. I don’t see anything ethically wrong with selling something for far more than retail. It might take longer to sell it, but there is a buyer out there who is just happy to find the item in a desirable condition and color. The people turned off by it are just not potential customers, and they are free to continue to shop around.

When I can’t get something that I really want for retail price, and it’s because I didn’t act sooner, I’m more likely to kick myself than blame anyone else. I have a few suggestions for you. Try to contact YYR and ask them if they are making more of them, if so how many, and what retail stores will be getting them. If you cannot get through, I’m sure a retailer will ask for you, especially if you agree to buy from them if they come in.

Also, as a side note, I do not think $280 is that much over retail. That seems only $30 over, and to me, $30 for someone who can afford a $250 yo-yo in the first place is not a lot of money. That’s just my opinion. I’d jump on the $280 if it’s mint, cause that’s not a bad deal. The seller has to pay shipping and Paypal fees, so he is only $20 ahead on you.

Also, if the retail of your throws is worth $385, and they are all mint still, I might question the deal more too. But, if your $385 worth of throws are common and not in demand, and several have damage, that knocks $100 or more off, which is reasonable, and makes that deal a good one too. But, I hate trades. You risk trading your $385 worth of throws, and getting nothing back. Or, the seller may not like your throws and you have to deal with drama. I’d take the first deal out of the two. Less drama just to buy/sell. Good luck.

I passed on both of the deals and now I’m just gonna wait to worlds my friend from my local yoyo club is going to worlds this year and he said he will be more then glad to pick one up for me if yoyorecreation makes a world special edition draunpir

I’d rather get a palpitation.
By the way, you could get a draupnir for as low as $200~…

Nice punctuation…


Not justifiable IMO. No yoyo can be so good that you would trade 4 or 5 already-expensive yoyos for it.
However, I’m just speaking my opinion. The first deal seems a little reasonable. The second is outrageous.

If you look at a few throws that are completely outrageously priced, you see that most of them are pretty old. For instance mint OG peaks can run you $2000, TiWalkers $500, and Torrents are up there too. However, these were made so long ago, the most recent of the trio 5 or 6 years ago.

My point is the draupnir is still in production, so there’s really not a need to spend such exorbitant prices on one now. There’s a lot of them out there, just look around! Last summer there was one in very good shape for $160. If you really want it now, then that’s your perogative.

Good luck.

I dont think there is a big problem with it… sure it might be annoying when draupnirs are sold out and you have to pay even more to get one. But lets be honest, you dont NEED a draupnir, its already a super premium throw that is not needed in any way. If you have the money and want it, a few extra bucks/waiting for the next run, shouldnt be the huge problem. If you have exactly 250 dollars and thats all you have, you might not want to buy a draupnir anyways:P

Also i think its totally understandable for people to sell them at the highest price they can, who wouldnt?

lol some of the people on these forums. I don’t see the big deal. Let’s remember that those of us who started buying Draupnirs when they first came out were paying over $200 for the raw ones and around $250 for the ano’d ones because the exchange rate wasn’t as favorable as it is today. I sold a Draupnir recently for less than i paid for it because of this. No big deal. The thing about the Draupnir is that they’re still being made, so no rush to buy one unless you’re really desperate. Also part of the blame lies on people who slept on this yoyo for the first 2 years it was out and now suddenly decide they need one.

Someone’s, no not you Someone, is offering $500 for a black one.

Face palm.

If people want it, they will pay. No matter how outlandish a price may seem, if the demand is there, the currency will fly.
I remember spending quite a hefty penny on a OXY many years ago when they were considered all the rage. More than retail. But they were quite in demand.
Its a normal part of the economy.

Welp they’re available now for under $200 so pick 'em up while you can. No excuses.

Where? :0

It’s really not hard to figure out…

Their official website!

I am smashing my face against my table right now… I don’t have enough money D: hopefully they don’t run out of stock before I have enough D: