Evertonian - Good To Go

I bought a G2/a-rt Life from him and he shipped promptly and the yoyo came as described. We also had great communication throughout the entire transaction.


Made a Double-trade with Dylan and he is a man of his word! He ships quickly and packs well…Grade A

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Bought a Float from him that arrived today. Great communication, prompt sending, well-packaged … could not be happier with the experience. He’s kind of amazing.

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Appreciate all the feedback guys =D

Just received three throws from him in the mail this yesterday! He was quick and friendly to message and had them out with tracking the same day! Everything as good as he described. Shipping cost a bit more and he took the hit, appreciate it.

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Super Haul!! Way to go Toki…

Just completed a super large trade with Dylan and everything went as cool as it can…
He is the Man! Great trader!