Dv888+Plastic--->North Star

Just a quick thought, but when looking at the halves of a North Star does anyone else think that it is just another YYF quick release on yoyo that they have already made, but just changed the material to make insane amounts of cash by Chucking out a huge name (Jensen Kimmet) and hyping it up. Take a breathe, phew, ok. I know I’m no jedi like many of the experts, and what not I just thought I would ask if anyone else felt that way.

Uh, It’s certainly not a DV888… It’s a slightly tweaked Protostar.

It doesn’t hurt that he won worlds with it, but yeah, it’s a heavier Protostar with flat side caps. Other than that, the size and shape is exactly the same. Having said that, I am probably going to buy one anyway.

It is basically a plastic genesis Jensen even said so himself but the northsrat is the best plastic I have ever tried( my opinion)

Man YYF yoyos look a lot a like. This thing has genisis protostar, and I swear I thought the pic of it’s yoyo half looked like an orange twin to my Dv888. I challenge people to hold a Dv888 yoyo half next to there monitor, and say it doesn’t look alike.

I’l do you one better.


They are way different.

Yeah. ProtoStar and NorthStar are practically the same. Only difference is the hub area and the weight. lol
RockStar and Severe? Hmmm? Little?

Northstar=Plastic Genesis. Nuff said.

False. Nuff said. :wink:

Well the DV888 is a metal reincarnation of the DV8 (plastic). So a plastic DV888 would be a… DV8, where it started.

To be honest, Anyone who says this doesn’t have eyes in their skull. They don’t even play alike.

Exazrael owns Genesis and Northstar and plays them on a regular basis. He has every right to have that opinion.

It actually has a rough surface for grinds.


Northstar is not rough at all.

The northstar has a rougher finish than a protostar. i own 2 and they both are rough and both my protostars are smooth. Also i am getting very sick of every topic over the last 3 weeks being about the northstar its getting quite annoying.

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All right I finally have the pretty picturey stuff I have been looking for
North Star




Actually I don’t quite see the similarity in with the genesis, but I thought I would throw up a comparision picture anyway.

Now as for Mi’s pic I still think they look alike sure they have different sizes and all, but that’s like saying that Dr. Evil and mini me look entirely different. They still hold a very similar shape and look.
Oh and I am kinda ticked I couldn’t get better lighting on the Dv888 half.

are you guys on drugs? the Dv888 looks NOTHING like the Protostar or Northstar. The Northstar is a tweaked (and in my opinion better) Protostar, thats the bottom line, end of story.

and Buddy Jim, your post before mine shows bearing seats and response, that in no way supports your argument that any of them look the same

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No I am not on drugs, and what do mean look at the pics above your post I swear they look so similar to me. You can say I’m crazy (join the club I here there Tshirts are very soft,) but be careful who you say is on drugs there chum.

lol i’m not accusing you of being on drugs lol, and youre right the response and bearing seat look very similar in all of those pics…mainly because they are all lb sili groove (the Dv888 looks to be the older version with the wider pad) but youre saying the profiles look similar so show profile pics where you can actually see what youre talking about