Dv888+Plastic--->North Star

they said it plays like a genesis, not looks like one. its like a genesis as in the way it plays, thats why everyone these days uses a genesis at competitions( i dont see the attraction) but yeah. and the dv888 and the northstar are COMPLETELY different, for one, the rims, for two, everything else.

Ok profile time
North Star

Proto Star


Ahh I see what you mean with the Rims there. Plus now I can kind imagine why people are saying it’s like the Plastic Genisis. The rims look much more present in the profile pics.

Though not quite as present as the Genisis rims, but still I see how they can be compared.

Dude… theyre right in front of me. They’re nothing alike.

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Mikey no likey H-shape, make hand feel funny :stuck_out_tongue:

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Buddy Jim you are wrong maybe you still feel you are right but I think it is time for you to give up on it

Thank You.

Furthermore I don’t want to become a hater magnet so I will stop before that happens. I’ll keep my opinions. Now nobody post unless it’s relevant or Mister fishy man will locky locky my thread… Well him or Andre.

I think your wrong, but I’m no hater.

I’m not a hater either. Chill out.

I didn’t say antone was a hater. I just said I was going to stop before anything happened to make me a hater magnet. It never fails when you push a point like this for to long then you get lots of negativity, and blah blah blah. So I’m just saying agree to disagree. We all good?

No cause your wrong. hahaha just kidding, yeah everyone has their opinions i guess.

OH NO YOU DIDN’T!! :smiley:

Nothing against you Jim <3 Nothing at all.

i kinda see what your talking about. They both have rims that dont have any curve at all. Neither have a rounded shape.
The northstar rims are at an angle, the dv888 rims are flat
the northstar walls/catch zone/whatever its called are much steeper than the dv888 (this is why i hated my protostar)

In the profile comparison Protostar looks like northstar… thats bout the only similairity i can see

i can see a similarity-ness look, not identical. which was the original claim correct?

True I guess my initial claim sounded like the absolute twin idea, when I meant they hold quite a bit of similarity. Especially when veiwing the bearing seat photo rather than the profile pics as was later asked of me.

There is no bearing seat on the Northstar. It sits on spacers like the Protostar and PGM. Dv888 has a bearing seat. Northstar also has a way bigger axle.

i dont believe he is talking about the actual bearing seat. i think he is talking about how there is a flat rim, then an angle into the flat body, then an angle into the guts area

You don’t really have to look at them all. something annoys me i move or look away.

I dont likey pyro shape, make hand feel unsatisfied…

I can see where you’re coming from @ the profile shots, but the northstar has a bit of a V cut at the rims and body.