north star

I was wondering if anyone has a northstar from batch #1
And how come on it has Jensen Kimmit model is there and other model?

Someone has a NorthStar from batch #1, but they’d be hard to find, as 3000+ batches have already been made.

The NorthStars sold here and at are the same thing.

Can we get this thread locked now?

There was a small batch released before the current batch that was released today, but it was only sold at Worlds and Jensen’s site i believe.

I think he mean a NorthStar that says its from batch #1 on the cap. Mine is 3107, he wants to know if anyone has batch #1. I’m not 100% sure the ones sold at worlds, DXL, and modernyoyoing were from batch #1

I have batch 3107 also, and I think it is number of batches of all yoyos Yoyofactory has done. Please correct me if im wrong. I want to know why it is Batch # 3107. I got mine at Worlds, so if they did it by batches of certain yoyo, wouldnt it be #1?

A batch is say every ten or thirty or more.