YYF Northstar or YYF DV888?

I have been trying to decide for days which one to get. I am going to use the stock bearing. The part is that, the Northstar is plastic and DV888 is metal and seems tougher. And, I want a wider yoyo, which the Northstar is. And which has smoother rims? Not on the string, but the rims. Plus, is the Northstar durable at all?


from what i hear northstar breaks real easy… i have a protostar and it hasnt broke and its had some bad hits but i havent had a dv888 so idk

And plus more people use the DV888 so that might mean something.

i like the northstar better, but the Dv888 is more durable.

I LOVE the Northstar but if you want to be on the safe side and not waist money get the dv888. i said that because the Northstar Crack’s

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they only crack if you get one of the first batches. I’ve had mine practically since they came out and it hasn’t broken.by the way i like the northstar

Which has a smoother surface?

what do you mean by smoother

I mean the rims, are they rough at all?

there is no such thing as a rough rim yoyo. is there?

Some yoyo’s just sometimes suck that badly. I have like 15 of them.

oh really!!

oh yeah, one more question, why do people compare bi-metals to high end metals? is it obvious tehat all metal is better?

Yep. :slight_smile:

well why are people comparing northstar to dv888? i know northstar won 1st place at worlds but still…