Dragonfly Mods

There’s a few mod ideas I would like to perform on my dragonfly. I know I could just get a different yoyo but I would rather try modding for the fun of it. Here’s a list of the mods I would like to do on it. I don’t know if they are all possible but they’re just ideas.

-Make it heavier
-Make it wider
-Get a substitution for the cork pads (I don’t know if this would help so could someone tell me if it would?)
-And possibly make some cool new caps (any ideas?)

Thanks for any help

You could try weight rings (did it to mine, was pretty beefy) to give it a little more meat. As far as the cork pads go, I’m not sure but maybe flowable silicone? Is the pocket deep enough or would it rip right out? Mine still has its cork pads. Widening it…maybe the beefcake mod but you’ll need some thin spacers for it (Beefcaking is when you use 2 bearings next to each other to widen the gap but in turn, will need thinner spacers to make it work).

Cap-wise, if you know the diameter of the caps, have access to a high quality printer, and can get a hold of really heavy paper (heavier than cardstock, or maybe double up/glue 2 layers together) then you can design your own caps and print them. Never tried it before however.

Heavier - pop off the caps, put something in them to add weight (I forget what people have used before, but they said it worked well. I’ll try to find it again. some kind of tubing)

wider - not sure about this one. You could try beefcaking it. You might need a longer axle though if you’re gonna do this. and even then, that’s just going to widen the gap, possibly making it too wide for the response to work.

substitute response - I replaced the cork pads in mine with silicone the day I bought it. It works decently. The recess is deep enough so the silicone won’t just rip out. The only problem though is the shape of the recess is kind of… well, you can see the shape of the cork pad. What I did was just put in silicone how I would normally with a circular recess, and ignored the inner non round part.

new caps - this would be pretty easy. I don’t remember if the caps are just paper behind a plastic disc, but if so, just print out a design, cut it to size, and put in in place of the dragonfly design.
If there’s no plastic disc, then cut out whatever design you’d like and laminate it, and put them in place of the old ones. Presumably some kind of card stock would be best for this.

Fat o-rings work nice - 3/16-1/4 in. thick. Or try a loop of #10 solid core solder.

I just ordered some stuff for my little project.

Weight- I ordered some weight rings. Hopefully they will fit. If not I’ll try too or find another use for them.

Width- I ordered two Duncan parts kits. I did this so I could try beefcaking it with two new bearings or put in larger spacers with an a-size center trac bearing I got.

Response- I ordered flowable silicone. I only had monkey snot and i would rather use just regular flowable silicone. It wasn’t availible when I first got the monkey snot so I never had any.

Caps- I still don’t know what to do for those. I know how I will put the design on (just glue or draw it to the back of the original caps) but I don’t know what I should put on them. Any ideas?

for silicone, you can go to a 99 cent store and pick up the rtv silicone they have there. looks like this
at mine they have red, grey, blue, black, and clear iirc

You can put whatever you’d like on the caps. Maybe a spiral so it hypnotizes people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh ok thank you but I already ordered some from yoyoexpert because I also had to order some other things. But I will keep that in mind for next time.

Well everything came today except for the weight rings that I ordered from a different site.

Weight- don’t have the weight rings yet

Width- I couldn’t really change that because different spacers would cause the string to occasionally slip in the small gap and when I would beefcake it with a longer axle it would become responsive and have a lot of vibe so I don’t know if I’m doing that right. (could some one tell me how please?)

Response- I’m about to silicone it

Caps- i still don’t know what to do with it

Have you put the stuff on yet. Is it good? Please make a video of it.

What “stuff”?

The parts. What else?

Well the only thing I’m going to be doing right now is siliconing it. I’m also putting a center trac bearing in but that’s it until tomorrow or friday. Whenever the weight rings come. And I still don’t know what I’m going to do about the caps.

that yoyo gonna be epic.

Hopefully. We will see how the weight rings do. The weight may not distribute well as they are meant for another yoyo. They may not even fit. But I will post pictures when I’m done.

I’ve actually got 2 DragonFlys, sat in my Mod box, cut the pads and everything out of them just leaving the bearing seat.

Planning on filling with metal filler/epoxy resin, then cutting a Silicone/Pad Recess.

That sounds cool. I’m really new to modding yoyos. This is actually my first one I’ve attempted doing a lot on. I can’t really do anything with machinery because I don’t have it and wouldn’t even be allowed to use it if I did.

Have the right good tools and everything helps, but you don’t need any of that to do some great mods. Even just a lathe bit and a Dremel can get you some good stuff, if you want to recess. But Satin’s and everything don’t need machines, just some sandpaper and time!

Just research properly into everything your doing. I’ve rushed into mods before and just borked the yoyo. Take your time and make something your proud of.

I’ll remember that. Thanks. I’m going to start off small and then work my way up to doing bigger stuff.

I just got the weight rings and they fit PERFECTLY. Now I just have to wait for the silicone to cure and then I’ll put in the center trac and see how it plays. Then all I have to do is the caps. I’m thinking of putting some extra stickers I have on them.