Duncan Dragonfly Mod

Hi :slight_smile:
this is my first topic :slight_smile:
Duncan dragonfly mod, i made it unresponsive and added weight.

for weight i added tube

like this.

I used silicon but didn’t filled it all pad space,
half of it is filled with glue, because when it was filled with silicon it was still responsive, (if you want you can replace pads with it :smiley: ).

now It’s unresponsive but sometimes string stucks and its annoying. :slight_smile: but isn’t so bed when you don’t have other choice =))


does it play pretty smooth

:smiley: i don’t know :smiley: for me it’s my first yoyo so i don’t know other yoyos to compare. for me it’s pretty good :smiley: i’m learning advanced tricks and i can do them :smiley: but sometimes string stucks and its annoying :slight_smile: