Dragon Fly Mods

Looking for Dragon Fly mods.


I was thinking more about making it unresponsive and adding weight, but thanks anyway. btw how did you do that?

I mounted the mosquito caps on an old and semi-broken Flying Squirrel and chucked that in the lathe. I turned the caps to a smaller diameter and faced them slightly. Then I bored out a good portion of the Dragon Fly to fit them. That part would have been much easier if I had calipers. After press fitting them I turned the edge down so they appear flush.

How do i make it unresponsive?

Why not just play it how it is, the Dragon Fly is my pocket yo-yo right now. If you want a way to make it a little better player take the caps off go to the Hard wear store find a few o-rings to put in it, put the caps back on it. Play and play and play, it is not made to be unresponsive. You can greatly improve your game but throwing responsive for a while. I threw my profly exclusively for a month and then went to regular play, my string hitting improved greatly and my throw was stronger.
But this is only my opinion, do as you want.