How to Mod A Dragonfly?

Hey! Guys, does anyone know how to mod a duncan dragonfly yoyo? I really want to. Like I mean is there any way to make is sleep longer without having to spend money? Someone Plz Tell Me… :slight_smile:

ermm… wrong section. this should be at the mod section

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Well now that it’s been moved, we can help!
(sadly i don’t know try googling or going on youtue)

I don’t get it?

I believe he means to smash it, get a new yoyo and that one will sleep longer lol

Mod it like you would a raider, makes a half decent looper, but other than that, its not a yoyo for advanced 1A

Ding Ding Ding!

someone made a mod so that the profly could have bearings bt i dont know how to do it but he might know

check yoyo wiki

He clearly said dragonfly guys ???

To get better performance from bumblebee gts (which is basically a dragonfly) I ever so slightly trim the cork back around the bearing, Im talking take a pair of nail clippers and JUST cut the tips of the inside star things. This will make sure they dont tought the bearing. Also if you like, you can clean the bearing, there are plenty of threads on how to do this well.

Another way of changing this yoyo that will help with sleeptime is putting weights behind the sidecaps of the yoyo. If you take the yoyo to a hardware or plumbing place you should be able to find a pair of orings the right size that will fit on the inside of the yoyo, like the early freehand 2 yoyos.

But most of all, work on your throw for longer sleepers, there is just no substitute.

ha I have made a bunch of those! lol