Modding Duncan Imperial/Butterfly Help


I want to mod a duncan butterfly or imperial but i don’t really know what to do.Plz reply and tell me any easy ones.
Seriously plz reply


Mod them how?


Well I don’t know i have never modded before.


I would start with what you are looking to do to mod it. That will help others to point you in the right direction. With out knowing, its a shot in the dark.


well i pretty much just want it to perform better.


Ok, what equipment do you have to mod with?


Well I have lube. I share the lube and that’s pretty well all i have if you don’t count string. Hey don’t mock me.


Well, if that’s all you have then that’s all you have. With out power tools (Lathe, Drill Press) your kind of dead in the water to be able to do anything else to those throws.


Mike isn’t mocking you my friend. Normally with a fixed axle, you can widen the gap somehow, you can add weight somehow, or you can convert it to a bearing axle. Because they are one piece yoyos, there is not much you can do to the Imperial or the Butterfly that doesn’t involve major surgery. A lathe or at least a drill press would be required, that’s why he asked about tools.


Your best bet is to just step up to a ball bearing yoyo. Duncan has great entry level and affordable yoyos to take you to the next step. The freehand is great for getting into intermediate tricks and you can pull one friction sticker off to go unresponsive and learn binds and such. Plus they can usually be picked up locally at toys-r-us or here at yye for around $15


I have YYF whip. i just want to mod a yoyo. :’( because i cna’t mod something cheap


I see. Still there’s only so much you can do to one of those without some tools and know how.


Also factor the “time=money” value.

I mean, a Butterfly and Imperial are gonna run $5 each. I know, I have them in my collection.

Whatever you’re going to do is going to cost more than $5 to accomplish, if not in outright parts, then in time and energy.

Or, you can just simply say “Hey, you know, I’ll just get a [insert sub-$20 yoyo here]” and then just move forward.

On the other hand, if xminusmikex is offering his services at his rates on say, a FHZ, trust me, the guy is making that $20 yoyo into a $60+ yoyo with what he does. I can speak from experience.

Granted, I’m not super big on the mod thing, or to be more clear, doing my own mods. Getting the modified FHZ from xminusmikex was one of the better choices I’ve made. I also had another yoyo sent out for mods and I’m waiting for it to come back and I’m sure I won’t be let down either.

I just think we need to find out how to best use one of our most precious and limited resources: time. Of course, we all have to take the time to learn what we want to learn too.

For me, my Duncan Butterfly and Imperial don’t see much play time. That’s just how it goes. I like them, but they will spend most of their time in the case.


As noted above, w/o the proper equipment and tools the imperial and butterfly are pretty much dead end products. People with the right tools have modded them with bearings but it’s mainly for the novelty effect. they still don’t play as well as even a low end duncan or YYJ bearing yoyo. You’re further ahead buying something else.


is a fireball good for modding w/o tools. i have one

(WildCat23) #16

Not really without some Duncan spacers and a bearing.


Get a Raider. For whatever you’re going to do to a Firebal, you can get a Raider and have it taken care of, then go send the Raider to a modder if you want to.

The sell Raiders here:

It would be a better option.


WOOOO WOOOO WOOO!!! Since when has Yomega been on YYE???


I like Duncan speed beetles for looping I don’t do a lot of looping though. Seem that they are pretty well setup to me.


It’s been at least a month. Someone else mentioned YYE was carrying Yomega and I was “What?” and then saw they had Yomega in stock. Of course that did not for the Power Brain XP Wing I got recently, but that may make me purchase some Raiders and a Maverick from here.

I was contemplating some purchases at other well known online yoyo stores. This for the most part means there’s one less reason to go somewhere else to shop.

Kind of shocked me. I know there was some beef with Yomega and the industry, but I don’t feel like researching yoyo drama. So, I guess all must be well and good now in the world of yoyo if Yomega gets to join the ranks of brands carried by YYE>