duncan butterfly mods

does any have any mods for the duncan butterfly i have all the colors and nothing to do with since i in the master section so please give me so mods idont wat to throw them a way

If you have nothing to do with them, give them away to people who might want to start yoyoing, you might bring a new person into the yoyoing community.

can,t you like add a ball bearing to in any way


How would you open one?
Anyway, The starbursts would get in the way of the bearing, so it wouldn’t spin. Be genereous, give some away.

pull and butterfly dont have starburst

Yes they do…
Quantity No item(s) available
Manufacturer Duncan
Shape Butterfly / Wing

Weight (g) 45.70
Width (mm) 33.62
Diameter (mm) 56.60
Gap Width (mm) 3.20
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) n/a
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Starburst

well they did it some way see check it out


sorry about that that was my frist time ever posting a link

Not sure if there’s anything here your looking for but kwos has some mods.



You already posted that link, why do you need to post it again?

Done by Landon Balk.

Buy them here:

Dang, they’re only 60$. >_<

Note that this isn’t your regular Butterfly with a bearing. For starters there are only 10 of these bad boys. And they are professionally modded by Landon Balk himself. And that’s not all; These are real vintage 1970 Duncan Butterfly yoyos and they come in the original 1970 packaging with the string that originally came with it.

This might not end up as your main player, but the play might come close to a modded FH0 and this is a real nice collectors item.

i need to get some spr kits know were to get them

im thinking bout modding all of them then selling $4