*dota* (dti bassboost video)

dijjyo was on a JOURNOR team! not sponsor ship. if you were sponsored they would look for very good people like semad, matt (not me matt but the other one) and so meny more.

I gotta admit i don’t get this post. If you aren’t going to listen to what people say, why post it…?

Okay guys, I’ve sat back long enough.

The reason that we decided to let Justis off the team is because the image he reflected on Double-Take Industries was not a desirable one. He was to immature to be considered a player for our company, and after a long talk with Mike we decided that it was not only in our best interest, but also the interest of furtherment of the Double-Take Industries team to let him go. We did not allow him on the team so he would buy our yoyos, we had seen videos of him and he seemed like a prospect yoyoer. We did not give him a trial, we jumped on him and gave him the oppurtunity to be on the team. It was a momentary lapse in judgement on the Mike and myself.

As for you Justis, the fact that you are now accusing us of being scammers only solidifies our reasoning for kicking you off of the team. We can allow this discussion to be dropped right now or you can go on making a fool of yourself, either way it will not affect either myself or Double-Take Industries.

Oh and by the way, please welcome our newest member. Joshua Prokay.

That clears everything up. I really didn’t like the way you represented them either, no offense.

That makes more sense.

You just don’t like me in general, which really doesn’t bother me.

well first day q comes up to me on forums and is like heres the lay down im aloud to kick you off if you dont follow these certain rules and like a week later yesterday hes all like barging in on my personal post sating that i like dont deserve to be on dti when u can barley land a eli hop geez i saw the news thing i know

Your word over Quinton’s? Haha, no one is going to believe you.
First off, you have no proof to back up your word. Second of all, you did to a terrible job of representing them. Finally, your immaturity is what made you lose your place in the beginning, so don’t continue this way, or else you’re going to get in bad shape.

I want to post this too:

This PM was after a series of djjjyo begging me to get him on team General-Yo. I tried to politely let him know that there wasn’t a spot for him, but he persisted, in about 11 more PM’s. Pretty lame, if you ask me.

Before I start, be warned that some harsh language may be in this post. Hooray for filters…

Dude. WTF are you talking about? You threw it in a kids face that you were sponsored and that because you were sponsored you felt like you knew all the answers.

The fact that you got kicked off of DTI was not only a decision of my own, but a decision that got passed by Mike. If you want to be mad, be mad. I don’t care. Just leave us alone. And if you want to drag me down, try and drag Mike down, you don’t have anything on us dude.

Oh and by the way. I got chosen for DTI because I am actually of use to Mike. By taking care of people liek yourself when they get out of hand. No, I’m not a great player, but at least I don’t fuss and moan when things don’t go my way. Sorry for the language, but you are really not understanding the reason why you got kicked off of DTi.

Sit back, shut up, throw a yoyo, and quit whining because you got dropped off a sponsorship. The fact that you turn around and accuse us of using you just makes it Evident that you are not ready for a team.
You’re soooo lucky that I am keeping my cool as much as I am.

Say one more negative thing about DTI and I will see to it that you are ripped up one side and down the other. It’s not a threat, it’s a darn promise.

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Sure is skimmed knees in here. Dude it didn’t work out, instead of whining and complaining like a little girl and telling everyone DTI sucks because you are an idiot. You should really consider not talking trash about DTI, Q or Mike because you are a dick.

Please don’t post on a forum if you have nothing to put forward.

they do have a great company but quinton and mike are jerks for not just warning me about being more mature but instead they go strait to the kill and kick me out

I admit and im sorry for being a jerk but you could have just warned me i told mike the very first day that he could just tell me and i would follow but no orders were given.

so mike and quinton i hope you know im sorry and im going ahead and starting to compete as much as possible and make videos and maybe someday somebody will ask to sponsor me.

You know, you shouldn’t get mad at mike and Q for not telling you to be mature. You should already know that you can’t be immature if you want to be on a team.

We told you that you were expected to be mature, and you failed.



ok from now on i will be mature and thats why apologize i didnt thinked it mattered but i see what you are trying to tell me now im very sorry to u and mike

Where couldn’t I land an Eli Hop?

u landed one but lets put this stuff behind us and be nice

Okay, so now you want this put behind. Fine that I can do.

Good day sir.
And by good day I mean I’m sick of listening to you complain.

dude that last part was unnecessary because we said to stop and put that behind us