*dota* (dti bassboost video)

Much better than your last video. Just a couple suggestoins. Try to work on getting you tricks smoother. And maybe make the video a little shorter next time.

well what im doing is training on my new tricks thats why there not smooth and i need to get used to camera and stage presence so longer the better but ill make it shorter next time

good. better without the effects all the time! Good Job. but, shorter would be nicer, but you are getting a lot better! ;D

I like the japenese (it is japenese right?) version of “all i ever wanted”, what it called in that language?

dota and its french i think

Swedish, actually. basshunter is a Swede, and all my Swedish friends are made at him for singing in english, lol.

This video is a hundred times better than your last :smiley: That bassboast looks good too. I still need to try one.

I noticed some talk about the song. And as a Norwegian guy who has actually played a lot of MMO’s, I think I should be allowed to chip in.

For one, the song is Swedish, not Japanese, not French. And it’s the other way around, BassHunter made “All I Ever Wanted” afterwards so he could earn some cash on the exact same beat.

Secondly, this is Swedish techno. Known to be enjoy by people who really enjoy gaming until 6 AM and people who like to party until 6 AM (also Norwegian graduates).

Also, DaddyDJ. Google that. As a guy who listened to a lot of popmusic in the 90’s, I know that “dota” is not really that much of an original song, but a spoofed beat with some gaming-related lyrics.

defense of the ancients  ???

i battle you

who are you saying that to?

why i dont battle i work for dti and i compete

you have competed at one contest and just yoyo and say you are on dti you dont work for them

if your sponsored that pritty much is fun work yes and i dont battle and im not going to get mad so just dont ask again

you dont get paid :stuck_out_tongue:

dti sucks im off the team now there scammers they put me on the team to buy there yoyos

umm… ok, sure. I bet that they kicked you offer their team. Just sayin’. I’m a fan of DTI, they are cool. Also, they are Idahoan, which is a big plus.

ok sorry for being true yes thoughs are good yoyos but mike is a jerk and he will regret it but he did just let me on for 2 weeks and waited just untill i bought his stuff which has vibe

First off, I highly doubt he put you on the team just to buy yoyos. Who on Earth would do that? You’re being very immature about this matter, maybe DTI had this weird thing called a “change of mind”?! I never knew that exhisted, I thought once people made a decision it was set in stone. Just because they kicked you off the team doesnt mean they suck, maybe theyre just looking for someone with a little different style.

Second, You should be VERY privelidged to hold a bassboost, not all that many have been made. Plus who cares about vibe?! It doesnt affect the yoyos play one little bit. My friend has a bassboost, it has vibe, still plays with the best of them. Even if other yoyos are dead smooth. Vibe adds a bit of personality to yoyos. You have to understand that the only company that produces consistent dead smooth yoyos is yoyofactory, and even they’ve been getting a lot of hate recently (un-needed hate if you ask me). Whats that term again…oh yeah YYJ vibe. Completely normal, still great playing yoyos, and I don’t see them getting a crapload of hate about their vibe.

Third, Mike is a great guy. He started DTI in hopes of making a competition yoyo, and he succeeded (unlike MANY little teams on this forum). But hes also written books on how to yoyo for kids who are just starting, and he has even made videos of more advanced tricks for kids who want to advance their skills even more! Pretty amazing guy, hes done so much for the community.

He changed his mind. Build a bridge and get over it.