Time for change.

Hello everyone, I know it isn’t much of interest to any of you, but I would just like you to know that I have officially resigned from Double-Take Industries. It wasn’t in a fit of rage, or anything of the sort. I love Mike, he has provided me with opportunities I would have never had otherwise. I really can’t thank him enough for everything. But that being said, I have my own ideas. Ideas are the cornerstone of the yoyo industry. Now, I’m not saying that Mike doesn’t have good ideas, because his mind is WILD. I’ve listened to him bounce ideas around, and he is just brilliant. But it wouldn’t make sense for me to throw ideas at him, after all, Double-Take Industries is HIS company. Needless to say, I can’t do much for his company, without feeling really awkward about it. I guess, in short, I’d just like to thank Mike for everything. Again, this is assuming anyone actually gives a crap.

From, The Butcher.

awwwwww snap!

i never think that this would happen.

anyhow, what i can do is wish for the best for both of you, Q and DTI. i hope you will craft your life well enough so you can make us proud.

good luck my friend.

anyway, does DTI has any position open… ? ;D

Nor did I, Kristiawan.

I love DTI, but just have other things that I plan on pursuing.

Thank you very much, my friend.

(and it may not hurt to check with Mike) :wink:

now i don’t know what to say… ;D

i missed the beast anyway… :’(

Wait, were you sponsored by Double take industries?

got any yoyo’s you want to unload…? you should make I clean break…

He gave them to me as gifts, so no, it just wouldn’t feel right to make a profit off of them.

Yes, Cody.

Shouldn’t have left IMO, this company is gonna be big pretty soon. I think…?

And that is your opinion. I don’t doubt that DTI will be a great company.

It’s all about where YOU wan’t to take yourself. I respect that.

Neither Q nor DTI will crumble because of this. No one should care about “going big”.

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You maybe right, but as Q is with them from the beginning when the company gets big, they’ll get more sponsors, and maybe Mike starts asking him for his own ideas.

My computer blocks images from servers. :confused:

This is pretty much what I was going to say.

I never said I would pay for the yoyo’s…!

I don’t care. :-\


Well thats settled…

It’s the end of the world as we know it. :wink:

When are the birds going to attack us? I want to plan this out.