2 Years

Love you all! :3

Nice vid! I like your video quality and your play!

i like you play style!

and your power stance ;D

great vid

i really liked it also loved your choice of music keep throwing

i knew i recognized you! haha yeah i also love the style, and gatta agree the music was nice, a good break from rap, and also is the dv888x really that good? cause i was thinking about getting one.

I really like your style!

Inspiring! (i needed that thank you!)

that regen at 1;43 really a clean kill

Sweetness. Wish there was some tutorials for those tricks.

very smoothand a good music choice :slight_smile:

can you make or show a tut on the second trick starting at 00:17? i really wan to do that trick, the first part ;D ;D ;D ;D