(Thomas) #3

you need longer string.


nice video



Rock it @ worlds man!


thanks at the end of the song he says marry christmas! lol

(202andrew) #7

Likeing the song. The tricks are getting smoother too. :wink:


First thing that comes to my mind when I see your videos, SHORT STRING!!! You at least need to make it longer, you’ll look better too. Nice video, you did a good job anyways.


Very nice vid!


not bad. improve on smoothness(a tad bit more!) and flow and it’ll be really good. keep it up ;D


thanks and x52 i will start doing longer string after worlds because it takes time to get used to the string leighnth


hah a few seconds of the song drop out! :smiley: but thats better than having a song filled with bad words. People should be better about that


wow!! that is my favorite vid of you i love it!!!