blue (return)


*HD please
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that was AMAZING!!! Can’t believe no one has posted yet! Awesome work man.


I just don’t usually get much feedback :-
Glad you enjoyed it!


Really good stuff! I liked the humour you inject into your edits, and I liked the variety of tricks.

There wasn’t a single trick that was benefiting from such long string, though; I think shortening your string a bit would make everything not necessarily “faster”, but flow better. That long string is holding you back, man!

Hope Ash liked their shout-out. :wink:


Haha that was slick ! I kinda agree with Greg there ^ about your string but that’s up to you. Can you point out the yoyo ?! And I’ve heard that song somewhere but I forgot xD I’d appreciate the name to that too ! or video that has it maybe ?! Keep up the good stuff !!


I’ll try shorter string next time!

Its “black and white” by chase hadden :smiley: Google that and it should be on bandcamp
yoyo used was a Clyw Gnarwhal!