Smoothness =P

Constructive Criticism is welcome =D watch through the whole thing

vimeo going up
also promoting my new strings Fresh Strings, not going to be sold yet

Video doesn’t work. Says it’s unavailable.

Not for me.

Nice! Really liked that combo :o

It works for me. Good video, anyways. I suggest putting music to it, and a longer video with more tricks. Great video overall.

Wow. Amazing. Very smooth. The trick looks pretty technical. ;D Good work! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Video works fine. Try refreshing the page.

The trick: hated it. you were so jumpy! I don’t know whether to call that rough sandpaper or a serated (sp) knife blade because it was so unsmooth. :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes I’m kidding. I wish I was that smooth. Keep up el trabajo bueno.

Very, techy, very smooth, love the slacks.

one thing
make your string shorter
it is a bit long

to be honest there is a lot you can improve on… like stop learning so fast… hahaha jk. Awesome trick i really like it.

thanks zach
and thanks everyone for the support, more tricks coming soon so keep posted to my channel

It isn’t that kind of video. He is simply testing something out, and doesn’t need the music for that simple thing.

Why are you awesome? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or another butt smack lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorta like Logan…


Very Smooth.

Why are you awesome =P lol