Does anyone here speedcube?


Is there anyone here that does speedcubing? My younger cousin got me a Rubik’s cube for Christmas and said “you’re good at a lot of useless stuff so I thought you’d like this” :joy:

I just got around to learning how to solve it yesterday. I’m averaging about 2-3 minutes right now just using the beginners method. I didn’t look into any CFOP tutorials yet because I’m not sure how invested I want to get and don’t really want to memorize a bunch of algs right now.

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I was (lightly) into it a few years ago (and also when they first came out back in the early 1980s). I only mastered the beginner method and had solve times in the 2-3 minute range as well. I have a couple modern “high end” DIY Chinese/Korean speedcubes. But I haven’t touched them in at least 5 years now.


Yeah idk I don’t think it’s something I’d get too invested in but it’d be cool to be able to solve it or maybe even average under a minute. I don’t think I have enough interest to go much lower than that but that’s my goal for now.

I’ll probably pick up an actual speedcube at some point too, they seem pretty cheap. The rubiks is easier to turn than the one I had like 10 years ago but it’s not very smooth at all and catches a lot when I go faster. Having a cube that can actually corner cut well seems pretty cool too

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I used to be pretty into cubing in MS/HS. If Witlong still makes speed cubes, I highly recommend them. I was never super fast, but I did get to under a minute on average.


A few people were posting about cubing here in the past:

After skill con in vegas a few years back I decided I had to learn to solve a cube. Those guys are super impressive, especially when they solve one right in front of you in like 8 seconds. I’m happy with my 3-5 minute solve time and haven’t tried to learn any speed cubing.


I do indeed! I can solve a 2x2 in 20 seconds!


I practice alongside yoyo everyday


I use to be able to solve it in about a minute using a beginner method. Haven’t tried in a while though.

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“Gee thanks”

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Me and a buddy from work got into it maybe 8 years ago now. We worked in an aircraft machine/fab shop. So we shaved corners, buffed areas, graphite lubed, etc some cubes. We would time each other and got what we thought was pretty good. We we just over a minute I cant remember exact timing. Then when we saw real speed cubers we were a bit disenchanted. Like that far away magical place we would never get to.

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I had a friend a church who got me into cubes. My record for the 3x3 is 31 seconds.


Yeah from what I’ve seen, about a minute is the barrier for casual cubing. Seems to take significant practice and learning to get under 30 seconds.

On another note I’ve been hearing about magnetic cubes and watched a video about how hardware progression is starting to slow down and now there’s just multiple great cubes and preference and play style is beginning to dictate what the best cube for someone is rather than the old days of just having one consensus best cube. The magnetic cubes remind me of the ball bearings for yoyos and how yoyo design has been stagnating too. Also the thing about cube progression and how preference and play style is starting to dictate what people prefer is similar too. I thought all the similarities were pretty interesting :joy: :open_mouth:


Cubing is a solid and impressive hobby imo


Someone on FB BST was selling a G2 OC and a speed cube for $40.


hey im a speedcuber
i love the pyraminx and the megaminx is just annoying

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My average is around 56 sec using F2L pairs and a beginner method for the last layer.


Speedcube THIS


thats not a cube sir


Fine here’s your cube, go solve it

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Oh hey, it’s the shotgun beefhook cube. I’m getting angry just looking at that thing