Just got into cubing, and my personal best is 1:24. Any one else out there like this hobby?


I picked up this hobby last summer it’s super fun!

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is that a 10x10

Idem for me I am very found of this hobby :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


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Thanks for the tag @TSAF :+1:

I got into cubing before yoyo. I’m not as into it now as I used to be, but I still enjoy it and keep a cube or two on my desk all the time. My PB was aroud 24 seconds, that was a couple years ago and it was a really lucky solve with a PLL skip. My average used to be around 35s, now it’s more like 45s to 1min since I’m out of practice.

What kind of cubes are you guys using? My favorite is the Valk 3, although I haven’t tried any of the newer ones since about 2018. Also if you’ve only done 3x3 I highly recommend grabbing a 5x5, you solve it basically the same way as a 3x3 but having the extra challenge of solving the centers and the edges is a ton of fun.


I haven’t touch a cube in a minute but I love cubbing, my PB on a 3x3 is 34.5 something


My average 3x3 solve time is also in the 30-40s range. I don’t even bother to track my PBs because they always come from incredibly lucky scrambles with easy F2L and a PLL skip.

To spice things up I’ve also learned to solve 2x2, 4x4, 5x5, s-cube, square-1, pyraminx, and megaminx. I found that once you learn CFOP, many other puzzles become much easier to learn.


I use the Jperrm RS3 M orsomething. Getting a scs mystery box and GAN 11 M DUO on monday.


I’m a slacker, pb is only 54. Haven’t cubed in forever though, I should break one out. I primarily used a dayan zhanchi for 3x3 and a fangshi ShiShuang for 2x2.

Haven’t cubed much in a while but interested in getting my times back down again just to try the new maglev cubes that are starting to come out

Is averaged close to 20s before but I’ve somehow forgotten a lot of PLLs so relearning them’s prob a good start :sweat_smile:

also, how do you do f2l? tried a bunch of tutorials, can’t comprehend how to make the pairs.