Any cubers????

What’s your 3x3 ao5 and what’s your favorite cube. I just started a month ago but my ao5 is 46.xx and my favorite cube is the moyu weilong. Comment yours!:+1::ok_hand:

My partner cubes and he’s tried explaining the math to me but x.x

I just choose to watch and be impressed.

My average is 30 but when I was into it I was getting 25 easy with CFOP. Best was 21 something. I also love my Weilong.

I avg sub 12, my pb ao5 is 9.67, single is 6.8 or something, I can’t quite remember. My main is a white hualong with cubicle full brights.

I can do it in 5 minutes. Rubik’s brand cube from a garage sale. :smiley:

I used to bring one to school. I would walk into class. And everyone would ask me to do it before the bell rang before class started. We had 4 minutes in between classes so I must have been doing it within 2 minutes. Than I stopped.,31102.930.html

^ Here’s the cubing thread, plenty ‘o’ action going on in there.

My ao5 is probably around 40 seconds. I could cut it down to maybe 35 or so if I learned all of the OLL and PLL algorithms for Fridrich, but honestly, I just don’t have the motivation to undertake such a thing, especially when the vast majority of my brain power and memory is dedicated to learning Japanese and Polish simultaneously.  :stuck_out_tongue:

My F2L is pretty poor, I have to admit. I do way too many cube turns and I’ve never got good at thinking ahead. I’d love to get a sub 20 second average, but really most of my free ‘hobby’ time is going to yoyoing at this point.

My favourite cube is my Dayan Guhong. I have a Zhanchi but I found it just too loose/fast for me. The Guhong is a lot more managable.  :slight_smile: