So I recently got my friend into yoyoing, and he got me into cubing. I went to the store and got a Rubik’s 3x3 along with a book that shows a few different ways to solve. I only have one more set of algorithms to memorize before I can solve the whole thing from memory using the “beginner method”. My best time so far was 2:26.

Today I ordered these:

Did I make a good choice? I only got the “mini” 3x3 because that was the only LanLan with tiles and that was a big selling point for me. It’s only .5cm smaller so I figured it shouldn’t make too much of a difference. The 2x2 was like $0.57 so I decided I’d get one.


Great choice, my brother used to be super into cubing. He could solve a 3x3 in 14 seconds. His first cube was a LanLan 2x2. He used it for at least 2 monthes, so it must be good quality.
Hope I helped!


I use the Dayan Zhanchi. My best time is 16.86s

This is my best time on camera:)


Got it all memorized now. Just got a new time of 1:56.


1:15 my time, but now I’ve forgott how to do it XD


I got into cubing a few months ago. I learned the beginner’s method, but once I tried to move on to the F2L method, I just gave up. I should like…get on that again. :stuck_out_tongue:




my best time is like 55 sec. i’m still trying to learn the dumb fridrich method.