Any cubers out there?

Any cubers out there? I’m super new to cubing. Haven’t tried to learn yet, but I just received my Dayan Zhanchi Stickerless today and it feels GREAT.

You got a cubing cube without even knowing how to solve a cube? That’s hilarious. :wink:

I only learned 1 algorithim. Anyways, I figured that a Zhanchi would last me for a while, so why not? It’s not like it’s hard to learn on it.

It’s funny but not “wrong” by any stretch. I say go for it! And if you learned 1 algorithm, you still learned something.

No point suffering with a stiff toy-store cube if you’ve decided you want to learn. Sounds like you got the right tool for the job.

What cube do you use? I just use this one algorithim to make people think I know why I’m doing LOL. I was deciding between the GuHong and Zhanchi.

I’m not a cuber, just sticking my nose in where it didn’t belong. :wink: I only know one algorithm, and I don’t even know its name. It’s probably the basic one, whatever that might be. Since I wasn’t ever solving for speed, I used a Rubik’s Cube!

I speedcube! :smiley: my record is 13 sec for the 3x3 and 8 seconds for the 2x2. I’m not too good with the names and all the stuff, totalartist is though, send her a pm. Also check out the cubing corner thread in the skill toy discussion. I hope you enjoy your wonderful journey with cubing :slight_smile: