cheap speed cube for corner cutting

Just getting into the rubik’s cubes and a peice keeps coming out of my cube everytime I try corner cutting. so are there any cubes that are less than 10 bucks that corner cut?

Dayan Zhanchi. You can get them for around 10 bucks and they’re one of the finest speed cubes ever made. Numerous world records have been broken on them, and I own one myself and can vouch for it. :slight_smile:

Uh literally ANY speedcube. I’d tell you to start with a Shengshou aurora. Don’t get a zhanchi/weilong just yet. I average 13 seconds with my fastest cube, because I can use the extra speed, but the fastest cubes out there will be too uncontrollable for you at this stage. Get a shengshou aurora or a YJ sulong from Both are good and will take you easily to sub 15.

Good question. I would like a good answer too.

YJ sulong all the way.

this, the aurora is great and from what ive heard so is the sulong, both cheap as well.

Guanlong. It’s three bucks and is great

hadn’t kept up on the newer speed cubes, that one looks great!

It’s good, especially for how cheap it is. Can’t really compare to an aolong IMO.

Weilong is sooooo guuuuud

What do you mean by “corner cut?” I find cubing interesting but I can’t do it so this sounds like what I need.

Just about any speed cube can corner cut, which makes it a speed cube. When a cube can corner cut that means it can still turn even when not perfectly aligned in a cube shape (which is important, since when you’re going really fast you have little time for perfectly accurate turns).

Oh, I thought it was a trick that made it easier to solve. See what I mean? I know nothing.

Well now you know something :slight_smile:

Grab a cube! Learn! :smiley:

I’ve got one, but where do I learn from?

Start with the beginner’s.  I like badmephisto because his beginner’s method makes it easier to branch out to one of the most competitive methods, f2l.