what is a good cheap speedcube for under $10

A YuXin Little Magic or a MoFang JiaoShi MF3RS can be found at $6. There’s also the QiWi Warrior W at $4.

The MF3RS is one of the more sturdier feeling cubes at that price range.

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The Yuxin Kylin v2 M is considered the best budget cube on the market right now

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thanks I will check it out

Not to derail the original question, but what is considered to the best “bang for your buck” cube at this time? Like more 30-40 range or less.

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To answer your question:


Also I don’t think we’re allowed to refer to another store, @andy569

I think you can post another retailer if they’re not a competitor of YYE, but I could be wrong about that. @vegabomb @jhb8426 @YoYoExpertGarrett - maybe one of these dudes will see this and could weigh in


Moyu Weilong GTS3M

Also I’m pretty sure I can link store that don’t sell any yoyo supplies

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I would like to get a stickerles cube

Yeah we don’t sell cubes, links are fine.


Oh so as long as the store doesn’t sell anything closely related to Yo-Yos it’d allowed?

well are string stores not related to Yo-Yos but can be doubled as Yoyo string allowed,?