Cubing / Speed Cubing


I was wondering how many people cubed? Is that the correct term? I’m learning to solve a regular one since there’s a really cool gent teaching me if I show him to yoyo so I figured why not! So who here cubes? One handed? 4x4? Etc?


I can, but i suck.


Hardly, I can’t even solve a regular 3x3 yet. Still haven’t memorized all the moves.

(YoYo_Freak) #4

I can solve a 3x3 in about 55 seconds, 2x2 in 15, and a 5x5 in like 35 minutes lol.


I’m a speed cuber. My best average of 5 is 33.something, my best single is 26.something. I also do 4x4 and 2x2, but I want to go to bigger ones. I use Fridrich method rather than beginner’s.
By the way, I think yoyoing and speed solving go together very well.



Any link to a video of the fridrich method? I’m stuck on the regular method with a lack of tutors for the weekend.


Great place to learn. Also visit his website, by the same name.
To speed solve you will need a proper speed cube. I suggest a Dayan Guhong v2. Find them at or Amazon.
Finally, you will need lube. They all work, as long as you can find it on a cube shop website.


I can solve a 3x3 in about 56 seconds


I can be jealous that you can solve one in about 2 seconds…
I’m trying to learn the before mentioned process.


I can solve one :slight_smile:
My friend gave me a zan chi its very nice I can solve in a little over a minute!


I have a ZhanChi, it is an awesome cube! Soo smooth. What kind of lubrication are you using?


My friend is insane.


One of my friends from my school is amazing at it. One time he solved the 3x3 cube 100 times on a car trip. Normally he can solve them super quick.


I use a V-cube 3b. I can solve it in about 55 seconds.


Hey cuber’s,

Reading this made me bust out the Rubix 4x4 I got for christmas last year and try to solve it for the first time ever. I got it after a couple of hours. Since it is still new it is not broken in yet.

Question: I have seen people lubing their cubes for better play and it seems that the CRC silicone stuff is recommended. I’m just looking around at what I have and was checking to see if anyone has tried Thin Lube on it. I am assuming that WD-40 would not be idea as it might leave it greasy.

Ideas on yoyo Thin/Thick lube?


Do not use bearing lubes on plastic. Period.


Learned this the hard way. Plays smooth for a while then locks up really badly.