Does anyone here speedcube?


I cubed for about 20 years. Almost every day… for 20 years. Then; I seriously started realizing what a total waste of time it was. How watching reruns of the 3 Stooges was more constructive.

So; I quit exactly 3 weeks ago; immediately after I finally solved it.

I could have done it a lot faster if I had only noticed the little colored squares were just held on with adhesive.


(Alexander) #22

I’ve done one of these before.

(Jacob Waugh) #23

Is that a Teraminx?


I think so…


Casual cuber here. Started last year, a few months before I started yo-yoing; pb was 65? Never really cared to speed solve, just wanted to know if I could solve one.

If interested in cubing, may I suggest the Yuxin Little Magic. You can find it for ~$5.


This vid just popped on my Facebook feed.

This young guy(was on some kind of talent show; I think). And they had a timer running. He was juggling 3 standard cubes and solving them as landed.

And… he was doing it! You could clearly see his progress as he was juggling the cubes🤓

That tops anything I have seen; cube related🤡