Does Andre lose sleep over the Bapezilla.2?

^^^^^personally voting this as Best Response of the Year, lol.

yoyogeezer is well known for having quite the Collection of V shaped/type yoyos with mainly low walls,etc. I would think that regardless of how the Anti Yo plays, it would logically not ‘Jive’ with his plan for Yoyohappiness, anyways. So for him to talk trash about the little yo, sounds specifically more of his personal opinion than some ‘statement of literal facts’.

I have about a 1000 yoyos. One of them is the Bape2. I am certainly not even close to high level yoyo playing. But in the last 15 years, I have developed a fairly decent sense in whether a yoyo is ‘good’ or ‘not good’. The Bape2 is a very good and very fun and very well made yoyo.

yoyogeezer is pretty sharp on yoyos, too. But that being said, I think in this instance, his ‘opinion’ is a little more Opinionated, than just ‘an opinion’.

in other words, he is disguising his personal dislike for the Bape2, in the form of a single opinion.

I think the main reasons YYE have so many left are simple… Pricepoint… design shape not ‘in vogue’ at the moment. Not really much else. But then again, there doesnt have to be anything else. If people are looking for a different shape and can find so many that fit that description… at a lower price, than certain yoyos will just sit. I think it is much less what people dont like about small round narrow yoyos and more about what people like about larger, wider, different shaped yoyos at the same or lower prices.



I’ll be interested to see how geezer and the rest of the community respond to the Countach since it seems to be more of a japanese style throw and I personally loved it.

As for the Bape.2 I think it’ll end up selling a few after people pick up the countach and decide they wan’t to try some other stuff from their brand

Is there any information as to when the Countach will be on the shelves?

I’m not one to necro old threads but for anyone that has been thinking about the Bape2 but never pulled the trigger, YYE’s Cyber Monday deal with the Yelets is hard to beat right now. I already have a Viszilla and there aren’t really any Yelets colorways in stock that jump out at me but I’m still having a hard time convincing myself not to just pick up one of each anyway.

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Too bad the matching color Yelets were sold out.

I went with a Nickel plated one as I don’t have that color.

Bump for all the Anti-Yo fans


One big evil plan to conjure up a yoyo with a cult following.


To think that in 2013 the Bapezilla 2 wasn’t even selling and now you can hardly find one for sale on the BST. Crazy.


The Bape2 and YWET’s sat on YYE for a long time. Want to say 2015, maybe 2016 they were still readily available on their store for sale.