OD Benchmark Series

hello all,

firstly, i wanted to say that i love the idea. Second, i wanted to ask how differently you guys think the three yoyos will play? (sorry if this was already brought up somewhere) I really want to get one of all three and figure out how different they all feel. They have the same specs, but I think that this is going to be really interesting, because you will be able to see just how influential the shape is on the way they play. Any thoughts? Props to one drop though on this project


Thanks :slight_smile:

We definitely think they all play quite different. I’m really excited to hear what you guys think once you get your hands on them.

the H shape is what im digging right now, its nice and subtle, not too extreme like some

But yhea, cant wait

when will they be released?

I believe the original plan was for them to be released by Christmas, but correct me if im wrong :stuck_out_tongue: I know they had a week long power outage at their shop so idk if how that will effect them but lets hope it doesnt