Benchmark Series 2013

We have been thinking about two ideas recently:

  1. Releasing a Side Effect yo-yo with a really low price; continuing our tradition to strive to provide the best value possible for you.
  2. The idea that yo-yo design has sort of become crystallized into standard shapes

We have taken these two ideas and decided to turn them into a line of yo-yos that reflect our take on the standards. A benchmark if you will. We are releasing the whole line at the same time and each year we may refresh the line based on what is going on in the industry.

What we’ve come up with for 2013 are the V,O (organic), and H shapes.

Next, we have decided that all three yo-yos will share the same diameter, width, gap and weight. All three look completely different but share the same basic specs which is an interesting experiment in the weight distribution. If you play them all one after the next it becomes clear that weight distribution plays a huge role in how a yo-yo feels and plays. Everyone already knew this, but now you can directly experience it.

All that aside, these are three solid performing Side Effect yo-yos that are extremely affordable at $60 each in solid colors. In order to get the price that low we’ve taken advantage of the shared specs which allow us to combine the CNC programming, and cut our usual tooling costs and production steps by two thirds. The yo-yos are clean in design in that there are few, if any, non-functional styling elements which reduces the machining time, setup time, and tool wear. Also, the yo-yos will not have any laser engraving. Finally they will all share the same packaging which saves money on art and stickers.

What isn’t compromised to save money is the quality and the performance and where they are made. These are three competition grade Side Effect yo-yos made to the same quality standards as our more expensive models. These yo-yos are meant to be played.

Base Weight: 63 grams
Shipping Weight: 66.20 grams (with aluminium Spike Side Effects)
Width: 42 mm
Diameter: 56 mm
Stock Response: Flow Groove
Gap Width: 4.34 mm
Bearing Size: Large © stainless steel One Drop 10 Ball Bearing ™
Finish: Pyramatte ™
Axle System: Side Effects™


Really neat idea, well explained and great pic. All round a fantastic start to a cool concept. Happy throwing for all!


Nice! Really love the far left. Middle is okay, not to interested in the left…

Still amazing! Way to go guys!

How cool. I’ll get all three, especially if they’re only $60. It’ll be worth it, especially for how cool this is. Great work, can’t wait to see more!

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Will these be released in time for Christmas?

Cool! when will they be released?

No thanks to losing power to our building for 6 days last week, we will still manage to get some released in time for Christmas :slight_smile:

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Who do I make the $180 payable to?

The diameter is a tiny bit bigger than I’d prefer (especially for O and H) but the price, concept and lack of engravings make it pretty likely I’ll pick them up.

I’ve been waiting for this, though in my idea-world it was yoyos with the same shape, but the weight/width/diameter and weight distribution would be changed.

^ ^ ^
THIS!! I want I want!
All hail One Drop! :smiley:

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Will you have a package of all 3 for a price lower than $180 as an option??

This is a good idea.

All three look great but dat “O” Ohhhhhhh WOW… So Classic looking!!! And the “V” is kinda like a SE Format:C… Cool all around!!! Can’t wait for them!!!

this is brilliant!!!

If it is possible I would buy these as soon as they are released ;D Great work! keep it up!

The big question. Will I buy one at a time or will I wait a little longer and buy all 3 at once… I already had the Summit, Format:C, Valor, and Chik all near the top of my want list, now you have to add more, ohhh you guys are too good :smiley:

I was recently wishing OD would put out a 56mm organic. I, too, would be interested to know if there might be a package price for all three.

This is a brilliant concept! All three for me.

It just begs for a special display case on the wall with easy access.

I can’t wait finally an affordable one drop I can buy! Cause I can’t afford them otherwise! I’m liking the far left and right those 2 look amazing! I can’t wait to see them with side effects and stuff! Bring this to the public ASAP!