little known yoyo store

i have come acrossed a yostore that is pretty sweet because they offer free ship on everything!
but their string prices are outragous so next time you need to buy a yo ou should go to pretty fast ship too

But we want to support Andre!

Thanks for the info, but please dont post links to other yoyo sites that sell products that YoYoeXpert for the sake of André, and the other people that work there.

Wait, André whos the staff? Or are you like doing it all solo? If so I think you’re a robot.

Note to self: André’s a robot.

yah sorry everybody (and andre) Didnt think about that so ya sorry

Don’t worry, I’m sure you just wanted to show us the amazing free shipping.

But all the yoyos are more expensive then usual. Andre also gives us a discout. I think. But if you buy the yoyo, you’re actually paying shipping through the price of the yoyo.